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From Nashville, TN, US, 2012.

Michael Roe
Curtis DuRard
Zach Chiarizzio
Tate Mercer

Daisyhead The Smallest Light
Daisyhead - Dishonest
Daisyhead - "Wonder"
Daisyhead - "Numbing Truth"
Daisyhead - "I Couldn't Face You"


Formed in 2012.
From Dayton, Ohio, US.

Andy Bane
Tyler Smyth
Jake Bonham
Katie Cole
Alex Asch

Dangerkids - countdown
dangerkids - light escapes

dangerkids - hostage
dangerkids - we're all in danger

dangerkids - waking up


From Rochester, UK.

Formed in 2013.

Ian Mclean- Lead Vocals, Guitars
Jay Giacamazzo- Bass Guitar

Darkhorse - Sea Of Trees

Darkhorse - Salem

Dawn Patrol
Formed in 2012, Memphis TN, US.

Tommy Gonzales- Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Gonzales- Drums/Backup Vocals
Stephen Bean- Bass

Dawn Patrol No Turning Back

Dawn Patrol Toxic Avenger


Formed in 2006.
From McLeansville, North Carolina, US.

Chris Daughtry – lead vocals, guitar
Josh Steely – lead guitar, backing vocals
Brian Craddock – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Josh Paul – bass guitar
Elvio Fernandes – vocals, keyboards, piano 

Andy Waldeck – bass guitar, backing vocals (2012–13)
Jamal Moore – drums, percussion (2014–present)
Brandon Maclin - drums, percussion (2014)

Daughtry - September 

Daughtry - Open Up Your Eyes

Daughtry "No Surprise"
Daughtry - Over You

Daughtry - The World We Knew Daughtry- Spaceship
Daughtry  "Long Live Rock & Roll"

Daughtry - Home

Daughtry - Waiting for Superman

Daughtry -Lullaby

Daughtry - Call Your Name
Daughtry - Tennessee Line

Daughtry - What About Now

Day Of Fire

From  Nashville, Tennessee, US.

Josh Brown - lead vocals
Joe Pangallo - guitar
Chris Pangallo - bass guitar
Zach Simms - drums

Day Of Fire When I See You
Day Of Fire Light Em Up
Day Of Fire Airplane
Day Of Fire Landslide
day of fire: through the fire
Day Of Fire Run
Day of Fire- Never Goodbye
Day of Fire The Rain Song

Days Of Jupiter

Formed in 2010.
From Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

Jan Hilli
Jörgen Hellström
Magnus Larsson
Jan Karlsson
Markus Lindman

Days Of Jupiter-Still Feel You Breathe
Days Of Jupiter - Silence 

Days Of Jupiter - Superman

Dee Waste

Образовались в 2002.

Из Электросталь, Московская обл.

Павел "Eclipse" Захарчук - вокал, тексты, электроника
Владимир "Scissors" Кузьменко - гитара-баритон (8 струн)
Вячеслав "Malabasa" Доронин - бас-гитара
Владимир "Drummastah" Мальцев - ударные

Александр Козлов - гитара

Dee Waste Зёрна

Dee Waste Взаперти
Dee Waste - (Счастливые) ЛИЦА (Детей)

Из г.Санкт-Петербург.
Образовался проект ок. 2008.

Станислав Миляев

Deflate - Have a Nice Day
Deflate - Pulse Of The City

Deflate - Artificial Euphoria Deflate -- Inwardness
Deflate - Celebration
Deflate - Freedom
Deflate - Signs Around
Deflate - Still Alive
Deflate - Wake Up

Defy Tolerance

From Phoenix, AZ, US.
Formed in 2011.

Donny Rosko - Bass Guitar
Brian Miller - Guitar
Garin Wolfe - Drums

Defy Tolerance - Ball and Chain
Defy Tolerance - Suffocate
Defy Tolerance - Live For Today
Defy Tolerance - Get You Nowhere

Defy Tolerance - Epic Failure


From Portrane, County Dublin, Ireland.
Formed in 2005.

Kieran McGuinness vocals, guitar
Ross McCormick  drums, backing vocals
Rónán Yourell  vocals, guitar, piano
Níal Conlan
 backing vocals

Delorentos Any Other Way
Delorentos The Rules
Delorentos Let the Light Go Out

Delorentos Give It Up Now
Delorentos You Say You'll Never Love Her
Delorentos - Hallucinations
Delorentos Soulmate

Desert Noises
From Provo, UT, US.
Formed in 2009.

Kyle Henderson
Tyler Osmond
Pat Boyer
Brennan Allen

Desert Noises What the World Made

Desert Noises Follow You Out


For Jean-Léon Destiné.

From Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Formed in 2006.

Robin van Loenen - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Hubrecht Eversdijk - lead guitar, backing vocals
Laurens Troost - keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals
Tom Vorstius Kruijff - bass guitar, backing vocals
Jordy Datema - drums

Destine - Spiders
Destine - Where are you now

Destine - California summer 
Destine - Stars

Destine - Night Skies

Destine - Illuminate
Destine - Wake Me


Formed in 2005.
From Vicenza, Italy.


Devotion. - "Delay"

Devotion. - Wolf Theory

Devotion. - Calendula 

Devour the Day

From Memphis, Tennessee, US.
Formed in 2012.

Joey "Chicago" Walser - guitar, bass, backing vocals
Blake Allison - lead vocals, drums, rhythm guitar (live)

Touring members:
Ronnie Farris - drums
David Hoffman - guitars

Devour The Day "The Drifter"
Devour The Day "Move On"
Devour the Day - Oath
Devour the Day - Crossroads

Devour the Day-Good Man

From London, UK.
Formed in 2011.

Tom Rowlett,
 Chris Heggie  guitarist
Ben Debo  guitarist
Vincent Dignan  bassist
 Chris Mardon   drummer




Dexters - Shimmer Gold


From Warszawa, Piaseczno, Zakroczym, Poland.
Formed in 2006.

Krzysztof Rustecki - wokal
Robert Jakubiak - gitara
Piotr Śleszyński - bas
Marcin Adamski - perkusja

DEYACODA unbroken

Deyacoda - Gravity

Deyacoda - Alive


From West Palm Beach, Florida, US.

Formed in 2011.

Jay Slim   vocalist
Chris Proano  guitarist
Matt Sheridan  guitarist
Kevin Sanchez   bassist
Ryan Weidenfeld   drummer

Dharmata - The Drift 

Dharmata - Strenght in numbers

Dharmata - Where Do We Go

Dharmata-The Way
Dharmata - The Recreant
Dharmata-The Awakening
Dharmata-Outside the Lines

Dharmata - Echoes

Dharmata "Do It Again"

Digital Summer

Formed in 2006.

From Phoenix, Arizona, US.

Kyle Winterstein - lead vocals
Ian Winterstein - guitar
Anthony "Guido" Hernandez - bass
Austin Rios - drums 

Digital Summer Dance In The Fire
Digital Summer Wanted To Love You

Dinosaur Pile-Up

From Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.
Formed in 2007.

Matt Bigland lead singer and guitarist
Mike Sheils  drummer  
Jim Cratchley bassist 

Dinosaur Pile-Up My Rock 'n' Roll
Dinosaur Pile-Up All Around The World

Dirty Pretty Things 
From London, UK.

Carl Barât frontman
Didz Hammond bassist
Gary Powell drummer
Anthony Rossomando guitarist

Dirty Pretty Things Truth Begins
Dirty Pretty Things The North
Dirty Pretty Things Kicks Or Consumption

Dirty Pretty Things - Gin & Milk
Dirty Pretty Things Faultlines
Dirty Pretty Things Come Closer

Distant Lights
From Austin, TX, US, 2007.

Gabriel Fry – Vocals
Gaelan Bellamy – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sam Marshall – Bass
Kevin Abbenante – Drums

So Alone
Distant Lights - My Head and My Heart

From London, UK.

Johnny Cooke – vocals
Rikki Mehta – guitar
Duncan Timms – bass guitar
Paul Warren – drums
Rich Mitchell – drums (2004-2008)
Luciano Vargas – guitar and vocals (2004–2009)
Kevin Iverson – guitar and vocals (2009–2010)

Dogs Donkey
Dogs Selfish Ways

Dogs It's not right
Dogs - She's Got A Reason

Dogs Wait
DOGS - Dirty Little Shop
dogs - soldier on
dogs tarred and feathered


Из  Москвы.
Образовались в 2002.

Бугаев Иван - вокал
Живулин Денис - бас гитара
Мугких Егор - гитара
Пационов Владимир - гитара
Мягких Денис - ударные

DOSTUP ZAKPbIT - Отражение

DOSTUP ZAKPbIT - Novaya Doza

The Downtown Fiction
From Fairfax, Virginia, US.
Formed in 2008.

Cameron Leahy - Lead vocals, guitar
David Pavluk (Павлюк) - Bass, backing vocals
Wes Dimond - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Kyle Rodgers - Drums 

The Downtown Fiction-Your Voice
Downtown Fiction You Were Wrong
Downtown Fiction When You're Around

the downtown fiction- hold my breath

The Downtown Fiction - Is Anybody Out There

THE DOWNTOWN FICTION - A Wonderful Surprise


Drayton Road
Formed in 2011, Fayetteville, NC, US.

Brent Underwood Vocals
Orus Patterson Guitar
Jacob Smootherman Guitar/Vocals
Nick Peeler Bass
Harry GodwinDrums


Drayton Road - Danger, Danger

Dream On, Dreamer 

From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Formed in 2009.

Marcel Gadacz (Francis Dolarhyde, State of East London) – lead vocals
Callan Orr (Francis Dolarhyde) – lead guitar
Aaron Fiocca (Electrik Dynamite) – drums
Zachary Britt (The Dream, The Chase; Young Lions; BELIEVE OF) – rhythm guitar, clean vocals
Chris Shaw (House Vs Hurricane) - bass 

Dream On Dreamer - Downfall 
Dream On, Dreamer Taking Chances, Breaking Free
Dream On Dreamer - Lifestream
Dream On Dreamer - Come Home True Love
Dream On Dreamer - Yourself As Someone Else

Dream On Dreamer - Infinity

From Edmonton, Alberta,Canada.
Formed in 2000.

Mark Steinbrenner: Vocals, keys, acoustic/electric guitar
Graden Steinbrenner: Bass
Derek Steinbrenner: Lead guitar
Darcy Anhorn: Drums

Drentch - Collide
Drentch - Everything I Need

Drive-By Argument 
From     Strathaven, UK.

Stu Ken
Ryan Denvers
Colin Keenan
Lewis Gardener

Drive-By Argument - Sega Method
Drive-By Argument - Dance Like No One's Watching
Drive-By Argument Lower Your Pieces

Driver Friendly 
From Austin, Texas, US.
Formed in 2002.

Tyler Welsh – vocals, keyboards, and lyrics
Andy Lane – guitars and vocals
Jeremi Mattern – drums
Juan Lopez – trumpet and backing vocals
Chris Walker – bass, guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals

Driver Friendly - Stare Into The Darkness
Driver Friendly - Austin is My Lady
Driver Friendly - Why Don't You Just Rain For Me
Driver Friendly - Run

Из Москвы, `10.

Паша Минаев - вокал, бас
Евгений Мотев - гитара, бэк-вокал, 
Славяшка Мотев - барабаны

Из Москвы.
Образовались в 2008.

Андрей Фролов («Карфаген пал», вокал)
Кирилл Фурманчук (гитара)
Егор Юркевич («Седьмая Раса», барабаны)
Денис Калинский ("Rock'o'Co" - виолончель)

DUENDE - Dream
Duende - Casida de la Rosa
Duende - Alma mira an el cielo

Duende - Двери в тишину

Duende - Сумерки

Дунаевский Orchestra
Образовались в 2011, Санкт-Петербург, Россия.

Константин Дунаевский — вокал, бас-гитара;
Гульнара Гилязова - бэк-вокал;
Владимир Кирасиров — гитара;
Вячеслав Холодионов — ударные;
Стас Лисневский - бас-гитара.
Антон Серегин - саксофон/клавишные

Дунаевский ORCHESTRA — Больше Ничего Не Надо

Дунаевский Orchestra "Кто такой Олег?"
ДУНАЕВСКИЙ ORCHESTRA "Звонок" (Но все могло быть иначе)

Дунаевский Orchestra - А ну-ка спать!
Дунаевский Orchestra "Грушинка"
Дунаевский Orchestra "И сам Дунаевский"
Дунаевский Orchestra - Рок-н-ролл
Дунаевский Orchestra - Жук Егор
Дунаевский Orchestra / Про зарплату

From Skive, Denmark.
Formed in 2001.

Piotrek Wasilewski
Ole Bjórn
Matt Kolstrup

DÚNÉ - The Sun Over Green Hills 

DÚNÉ - Let's Spend the Night Together 

The Dangerous Summer
From Ellicott City, Maryland, US.
2006-March 2014.

AJ Perdomo – lead vocals/songwriter, bass guitar
Cody Payne – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Matt Kennedy - lead guitar, backing vocals
Ben Cato - drums
Bryan Czap – lead guitar
Tyler Minsberg – drums, percussion
Touring members:
Doug Rogells - drums, percussion
Kyle Jordan Mueller - drums, percussion
Chris Kamrada - drums, percussion

The Dangerous Summer - Honesty

The Dangerous Summer - I'm So Pathetic

The Dangerous Summer - Sins
The Dangerous Summer - Miles Apart
The Dangerous Summer - We Will Wait In The Fog
The Dangerous Summer - Drowning

The Dangerous Summer - Into The Comfort

The Dawn of Olympus
From Birmingham, UK.
Formed in 2010.

Adam  Hickman - Vocals, Guitar
Danter- Guitar/clean vox, 
Cameron - Bass

The Dawn of Olympus - "I, Reflected"

The Dawn Of Olympus - As Watchmen Hang

The Dawn of Olympus - The State Were in
The Dawn of Olympus - Atlas

The Dopamines
Formed in 2006, Cincinnati, Ohio, US.

Jon Weiner
Michael Dickson
Jon Lewis
Josh Goldman
Mike Yannich (sometimes)

You'd Make A Good Horsecop

Public Domain

June 4th

Cincinnati Harmony

The Dukes
sweet songs with unsweet sounds...
From France.
Formed in 2010.

Shanka : Lead vocals, guitar
Greg Jacks : Drums, backing vocals

THE DUKES - Grey People
THE DUKES Smoke against the beat

Дни Нашей Жизни
Из Донецка, Украина.
Образовались ок.2012.

Андрей Антипов (Антип) гитара
Тима Шагиев вокал, бас
Антон Ковалёв (Тоха) гитара
Евгений Джем  ударные

Дни Нашей Жизни - Где-то Рядом
Дни Нашей Жизни - Еще Один День

Доза Тепла
Из г.Пенза, РФ.
Образовались в 2009.

Андрей - вокал, бас
Анатолий - гитара
Сергей (или Вадим)- ударные

Доза тепла "Смеяться и плакать"
ДОЗА ТЕПЛА - Человек

Доза тепла "Оцепенение"

Доза тепла - Имя

Дом Ветров

"В мифологии народов крайнего севера Домом Ветров называют Небо."
Образовались в 2003.
Из Москвы.

Дмитрий Мирошниченко (Гном)  вокал, ритм-гитара, автор музыки и текстов
Ник Беляев  гитара

Ольга Петрова   скрипка
Татьяна Курилович  клавишные
Сергей Трейвас  бас гитара
Анатолий Левитин барабаны

Дом ветров Пираты Карибского Моря
Дом Ветров - Кошка И Дракон
Дом Ветров "Вверх"
дом ветров Сага О Наёмниках
Дом Ветров - Морская
Dом Ветров - Было или не было

Дом ветров птица весна

Другой Ветер
Из Санкт-Петербурга.
Образовались в 2011.

Лёва Сазонов - вокал
Рома Щедрин - гитара
Станислав Корчевский - бас гитара
Миша Винчи - ударные

Dругой Ветер - В.М.Б.Т.

Другой Ветер - Небо На Руках
Dругой Ветер - "Только" 
Dругой Ветер "По собачьи"
Dругой Ветер - "Моя Бесконечность"
Другой Ветер - Сухие следы

Друзья Гагарина
Сформированы в 2007, Киев, Украина.

Иван Якимов (текст, вокал, гитара)
Виталий Дзюба (гитара)
Павел Никандров (перкуссия)
Глеб Иванов (виолончель)

Друзья Гагарина - Города
Падали за море звезды
Друзья Гагарина. Июнь. 
Стихи Письма Джаз. Я тебе привезу из Голландии Lego. Борис Рыжий
Все равно из каких ты мест
Кому до меня
Из всех тобой непройденных дорог
Новый год
Встретиться бы нам
Как ждал тебя

#Myka, Relocate - Lies To Light The Way 2013

#Kublai Khan - Balancing Survival & Happines April 29 2014