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From Pamplona (Spain).

Formed in 2010.

Juan Gonzalez (cantante)
Javier Vives (guitarrista)
Eduardo Garcia (guitarrista y segunda voz)
Ander Eugui (bajista)
Julen Arbiol (bateria)

H13 - The Following Day

H13 - Reality
H13 - Something I Forgot
H13 - Dear Planet

H13 - Disappear

Half Dub Theory

Образовались ок.2006.

Из г.Санкт-Петербург.

Марина Скалозуб - вокал
Андрей Большаков - скретч, электроника
Игорь Беленко - ударные, перкуссия
Павел Вовк - бас-гитара
Александр Кузнецов - гитара

Half Dub Theory - Think Aloud

Half Dub Theory Blue


From Thousand Oaks, California, US.
Formed in 2003.

Chris Brandt – vocals, guitar
Adam Charles – guitar
Eric Ivener – bass
Tommy Guindon – drums

halifax - finished in a day

Halifax - A Tint Of Rain
Halifax - Giant in the Ring
Halifax - Our Last Dance


From  Bettendorf, Iowa, US.
Formed in 2011.


Hello Ramona - What You Want
Hello Ramona - The Way I Feel
Hello Ramona - Take A Chance
Hello Ramona - Oh It's Funny How We Saw This Coming
Hello Ramona - Young, Dumb, & Full Of... Fun
Hello Ramona - "Never Coming Home"
Hello Ramona ft. Sam Sky - "Bottom Feeder"


From  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania/Baltimore, Maryland.

Formed in 2008.

Taylor Eby - Vocals
Brandon Pagano - Guitar, vocals
Kyle Vaught - Guitar
CJ Wilson - Bass
Ryan Pyle - Drums

Handguns "Where I Belong"
Handguns "Still Running Away"

Handguns "Nice Choice, Nice Life"

Hands Like Houses
From  Canberra, Australia.
Formed in 2008.

Trenton Woodley – lead vocals
Matt "Coops" Cooper – lead guitar
Alexander Pearson – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joel Tyrrell – bass guitar, backing vocals
Jamal Sabet – keyboards
Matt Parkitney – drums 

Hands Like Houses - Wisteria
Hands Like Houses Weight

Hands Like Houses This Ain't No Place For Animals
Hands Like Houses - Introduced Species

Hands Like Houses The Definition Of Not Leaving

Hands Like Houses Act Normal & Lion Skin

Hands Like Houses - A Fire On A Hill

Hands Like Houses - A Tale of Outer Suburbia

Hands Like Houses - No Parallels
Hands Like Houses - The House You Built


From Staines, Surrey, UK.

Richard Archer - lead vocals and guitar
Steve Kemp - drums and backing vocals
Ross Phillips - guitar and backing vocals
Kai Stephens - bass guitar and backing vocals

Hard-Fi - We Need Love 
Hard-Fi - Better Do Better
Hard-Fi - I Shall Overcome

Hard-Fi - Television

Hard-Fi - Little Angel
Hard-Fi - The King
Hard-Fi — Watch Me Fall Apart

Haste the Day

From Carmel, Indiana, US.
    2001–2011, 2014–

Stephen Keech – lead and clean vocals
Jimmy Ryan – lead vocals
Brennan Chaulk – guitar, clean vocals
Scotty Whelan – guitar, backing vocals
Dave Krysl – guitar
Mike Murphy – bass, backing vocals
Giuseppe Capolupo – drums, percussion 

Haste the Day Son's of The Fallen Nation
Haste the day Who We Are
Haste the day Labyrinth
Haste the day Janet's Planet
Haste The Day - InstruMETAL
Haste the day An Adult Tree

Haste the day  Babylon

Haste the day Many Waters

Hawk Nelson
(SWISH, Reason Being)

From Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Formed in 2000.

Daniel Biro – bass guitar, backing vocals
Jonathan Steingard – guitar, lead vocals
Justin Benner – drums
Micah Kuiper - guitar 

Hawk Nelson: Faithful

Hawk Nelson: A Million Miles Away
Hawk Nelson Words

Hawk Nelson What I'm Looking For 

Hawk Nelson Through The Fire

Hawk Nelson - Made
Hawk Nelson Outside The Lines

Hawthorne Heights
From  Dayton, Ohio, U.S.
Formed in 2001.

JT Woodruff – Lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar, keyboards
Micah Carli – Lead guitar; backing vocals; mandolin, ukulele
Matt Ridenour – Bass, backing vocals
Mark McMillon – Rhythm guitar
Chris Popodak - Drums, percussion

Hawthorne Heights Where Can I Stab Myself In The Ears

Hawthorne Heights Decembers
Hawthorne Heights I Am On Your Side
Hawthorne Heights- Ohio Is For Lovers
Hawthorne Heights Do You Have A Map, Because I'm Lost In Your Eyes
Hawthorne Heights - Niki FM
Hawthorne Heights Light Sleeper

Hawthorne Heights DriveHawthorne Heights- Wake Up Call

He Is Legend
From Wilmington, North Carolina, US.
2003–2009, 2010-

Schuylar Croom – lead vocals
Adam Tanbouz – lead guitar
Matt Williams – bass
Sam Huff – drums, percussion
Denis Desloge – rhythm guitar, live backing vocals 


HE IS LEGEND - Time To Stain
HE IS LEGEND - Heavy Fruit
He is Legend - China White
He is Legend - ...Best in Mexico
He is Legend - The Walls Have Teeth
He is Legend - Do You Think I'm Pretty?
He is Legend - I Am Hollywood

He Is Legend - The Greatest Actor Alive... 
From Dublin, Ireland.
Formed in 2007.

Ellie Macnamara - Vocals
Louise Macnamara - Vocals, Guitar

Touring members:
Martin Macnamara - Guitar
Patrick Dexter - Cello
Dara Yeates - Drums
Fiach Ó Briain - Drums

Heathers - Gather Up
Heathers Circular Road

Heaven's Basement
From UK.
Formed in 2008.

Sid Glover — lead guitar, backing vocals
Chris Rivers — drums
Rob 'Bones' Ellershaw — bass guitar, backing vocals
Aaron Buchanan — lead vocals 

Johnny Fallen — lead vocals
James Sinclair — lead vocals 

Heavens Basement Such is Life
Heaven's Basement Jump Back
Heaven's Basement - I Am Electric
Heaven's Basement Graduation
Heaven's Basement Can't Let Go
Heaven's Basement Be Somebody

Heavy Heavy Low Low
From San Jose, CA, US.

Robbie Smith - lead vocals
Danny Rankin - guitar, backing vocals
Christopher Fritter - drums
Andrew Fritter - bass 

Heavy Heavy Low Low - H.D.EYE Hybrid Cyborg
Heavy Heavy Low Low - Is This Your Homework?
Heavy Heavy Low Low - Supernova Ninja Surfers
Heavy Heavy Low Low - The Toxic Shock Mountain Blues

From Huntington Beach, CA, US.
Formed in 2001.

Forrest Kline: vocals, guitar, ukulele, primary songwriter
Augustine Rampolla: keyboard, guitar, bass, ukulele, percussion
Andrew Richards: guitar, ukulele, mandolin
Michael Garzon: drums, guitar, vocals, mandolin, ukulele, keyboard

HelloGoodbye - Oh, It Is Love
Hellogoodbye - Baby It's Fact
Hellogoodbye - When We First Met

Her Bright Skies
From Jönköping, SWE.
Formed in 2005.

Johan "Jaybee" Brolin (vocals)
Niclas "Nikki" Sjostedt (guitar)
Petter "Pete" Nilsson (guitar, vocals)
Joakim "Jolle" Karlsson (bass guitar, vocals)

Her Bright Skies - The Best You'll get 
Her Bright Skies Pretty Things

Her Bright Skies Hollywood Dreamin'
Her Bright Skies  Stargazer Icebreaker
Her Bright Skies  Gutters & Scissors
Her Bright Skies Kiss Like This

Hey Rosetta!
From St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Formed in 2005.

Tim Baker (vocals, guitar, piano)
Josh Ward (bass, backing vocals)
Adam Hogan (lead guitar)
Phil Maloney (drums).
 The string section normally consists of :
Kinley Dowling (violin)
Romesh Thavanathan (cello).

Hey Rosetta! - Who Is At My Window Weeping 

Hey Rosetta! - Red Song

Hey Rosetta! - A Thousand Suns
Hey Rosetta! - Psalm

Hey Rosetta! - I've Been Asleep For A Long, Long Time
Hey Rosetta!  "Welcome"

Hey Rosetta!- Swing the Cellar Door

High Five Drive
Formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 2001.

Greg Rekus (Guitar, Vocals)
Steve Jowsey (Drums, Vocals)
Steve Nelson (Bass guitar)
Marty Lafreniere (Guitar, Vocals)

 'Foreign Mantras Make Great Role Models'
High Five Drive - September
High Five Drive - Left Behind
Party Of One 
Save Yourself
Nowhere To Hide
Peace Lies Beyond Our Fear Of Each Other 

Inspiration is Realization

From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US.
Formed in 2001.

Nolan Neal - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Cody Hanson - drums
Joe "Blower" Garvey - lead guitar, backing vocals
Mark King - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mike Rodden - bass guitar, backing vocals

Hinder Wanna Be Rich
Hinder - Lips Of An Angel
Hinder - Homecoming Queen
Hinder - How Long
Hinder-Thing For You
Hinder Better Than Me 
Hinder - The Best is Yet to Come
Hinder Talk To Me
Hinder Save Me

Hinder - Loaded And Alone
Hinder - Far From Home

Hit The Lights
From Lima, Ohio, US.
Formed in 2003.

Nick Thompson – lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Omar Zehery – guitars
Kevin Mahoney – guitars, backing vocals
David Bermosk – bass, backing vocals
Nate Van Damme – drums, percussion

Hit the Lights - Hangs Em High
Hit The Lights Tell Me Where You Are
Hit The Lights "Drive Onto Me"
hit the lights - at 6:00 we go live
Hit The Lights One Hundred Times

Home Is Calling
From Boston, MA, US.
Formed in 2011.

Matt Henchcliffe
Patrick Fitzgerald
Jezar Albaniel
Matt Giovanni
Justin Albaniel

Home Is Calling My Heart Comes Alive
Home Is Calling Every Moment We Glimpse You

Hostile Little Face
From Perth, Australia.
Formed in 2008.

"Oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh my god..."

Mitch Freind: Vocals / Guitar
Dave Lennon: Guitar / Vocals
Stephen Marchegiani: Bass
Michael Kirou: Drums

Hostile Little Face - The Architect

Hostile Little Face Chain Reaction

Formed in 2008, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US.

Chadwick Johnson - Vocals
Blake Hardman - Guitar Andrew Minervini - Guitar
JP Gressman - Bass
Lee Hutchison - Drums

Weathered Town
Hundredth We Can Take Them All
Hundredth Savages
Hundredth Restless
Hundredth Humane
Hundredth Free Mind Open Spirit

Hurricane Bells 
From New York, US.
Formed in 2009.

Steve Schiltz
Ashen Keilyn
Christian Bongers
Colin Brooks

Hurricane Bells The Waiting Song
Hurricane Bells - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"
Hurricane Bells - "This Is A Test"
Hurricane Bells - "Crocodile"
Hurricane Bells - "Make A Deal With The City"
Hurricane Bells - "Freezing Rain"
Hurricane Bells - "The Winters In New York" 

From  Virginia, US.
Formed in 2000.

J. Loren Wince - lead vocals, guitar, violin
Michael Roberts - guitar, backing vocals
Victor Ribas - drums, percussion, Piano, backing vocals

Hurt When It's Cold
Hurt The Seer

Hurt - Links & Waves

HURT - Caught in the Rain
Hurt So When
Hurt - Numbers
Hurt Eden
Hurt adonai

The Hoosiers
From Reading, Berkshire, UK.
Formed in 2003.

Irwin Sparkes – lead vocals, lead guitar
Alan Sharland – drums
Martin Skarendahl – bass, backing vocals
Sam Swallow – keyboards, backing vocals

The Hoosiers made to measure
The Hoosiers choices
The Hoosiers Worst Case Scenario

Из Москвы, 2004.

  • Леонид Фомин — гитара
  • Григорий Привезенцев — гитара
  • Александр Козарез — бас-гитара
  • Макс «Талион» Крючков — барабаны
  • Сергей «Скиталец» Подкосов — вокал

Харизма - Охотник
ХаризмА Отключись от сети
ХаризмА Иду на свет
Харизма - Герой
Харизма Брат мой