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Formed in 2002, Nashville, TN, US.

Doug Brown – vocals, rhythm guitar
Dave Garofalo – guitar
Jeremy Henshaw – bass 
Tate Cunningham – drums

Things to Say
Safetysuit Find a Way
BelieveThe Moment
StrangeSafetysuit Get Around This


(Hello Saferide)

Formed in 2005,  Stockholm, Sweden.

Annika Norlin
Andreas Söderlund
Maia Hirasawa
Fredrik Hultgren
Jens Lagergren

Säkert! Någon gång måste du bli själv
Säkert - IsarnaSäkert! - Tyst Nu
Säkert - Rotary
Säkert! Jag blev som kvar
Säkert! - Det här är vad dom säger + HonungFår jag
Säkert! Dansa, fastän

Saosin - new album - 2016! 

Formed in 2003, Newport Beach,CA, US.

Anthony Green- Vocals
Beau Burchell - Guitar
Chris Sorenson - Bass
Justin Shekoski - Guitar
Alex Rodriguez - Drums

Saosin You're Not Alone
Saosin Translating The Name
Saosin The Alarming Sound Of A Still Sma
Saosin It's So Simple
Saosin Come Close
Saosin You Never Noticed Me
Saosin Why Can't You See
Saosin What Were We Made For
Saosin - Voices
Saosin Uphill Battle
Saosin Some Sense Of Security
Saosin Sleepers
Saosin "On My Own"
Saosin - Nothing Is What It Seems (Without You)
Saosin New Angel
Saosin Let Go Control
Saosin It's Far Better To Learn
Saosin Is This Real
Saosin I Wanna Hear Another Fast Song
Saosin I Keep My Secrets Safe
Saosin Fireflies (Light Messengers)

ex-Sarah Where is my Teа
Образовались в 2009, в Брянске, Россия.

Анатолий Борисов - голос
Кирилл Ауев - ударные
Серёжа Новиков - гитара
Вячеслав Кавленас - гитара

Toli - vox
Sergey - guitar
Chocoslayc - guitar
Harry - bass
 Kery - dru 

 Sarah Where Is My Tea - This Is Not Twilight
Sarah Where is my Teа Night Cruise on the Sea of Thoughts
Sarah Where is my Teа Mistakes

Formed in 2010, Nashville, TN, US.

Steven McMorran
Darren Rayl
Vince DiCarlo
Kyle McCammon

What You Need
Satellite Turning On My Own
Say The Words

Save Your Breath

Formed in Newport, South Wales, UK, 2007.

Kristian - Vocals
T.O - Guitar/Vocals
Ben 33 - Bass
Dave PA - Guitar/Vocals
Owen Bei - Drums

You're A Rebel, Alright
Save Your Breath Transit
Save Your Breath Touchpaper

Saving Abel

Formed in 2004,  Corith, Memphis, Jackson, US.

Jason Null
Scotty Austin
Scott Bartlett
Eric Taylor
Steven Pulley

Summer In The Sun
Saving Abel Secrets
Saving Abel Take Me Home
Saving Abel - Beautiful Day
Saving Abel Addicted


Formed in 2000, Teramo, Italy.

Alessandro Falà (vox)
 Marco Di Carlo (guitar)
 Janos Murri (guitar)
 Gaetano Ettorre (bass)
 Michele Melchiorre (drums)

'The Waking Up'
'Logical Colors'

Say Anything 
Formed in 2000, LA, CA, US.

Max Bemis
Parker Case
Reed Murray
Garron DuPree
Kenny Bridges
Greg Dunn
Jake Turner
Jeff Turner

Say Anything The Last Great Punk Rock Song
Say Anything Into the Night
Say Anything Do Better


Formed in 2011,  Lindsay, ON, Canada.

Braden Barrie- Vocals/Instruments

SayWeCanFly The Distance That Took You Away
SayWeCanFly - Dandelion Necklace
SayWeCanFly - The PoetSayWeCanFly - Angel's Song
SayWeCanFly - Tired Eyes
SayWeCanFly The Art of Anesthesia
SayWeCanFly Song of the Sparrow
SayWeCanFly Oh, My Love
SayWeCanFly I Never Thought
SayWeCanFly Fix My Heart

Scars on Broadway

Formed in  LA, CA, US.

2003, 2006–2009, 2010–2013.

Daron Malakian - Vocals, Guitar

Scars On Broadway - World Long Gone
Scars on Broadway Universe
Scars On Broadway - They Say
Scars On Broadway - Serious 
Scars On Broadway - Funny
Scars On Broadway - Chemicals
Scars on Broadway Babylon

Scouting For Girls
Formed in 2005, London, UK.

Roy Stride – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Greg Churchouse – bass, backing vocals
Pete Ellard – drums, backing vocals percussion

Current touring members:
Peter Clements – guitar
Matt Simmons – keyboards
Jamie O'Gorman - guitar

Scouting For Girls - Christmas In The Air
Scouting for GirlsThe Light Between Us
Rains in LA - Scouting for Girls
Scouting for Girls Summertime in the City
Scouting for Girls Somebody New
Scouting for Girls Six Degrees
Scouting for Girls Downtempo
Scouting For Girls The Mountains Of Navaho
Scouting For Girls This Ain't A Love Song
Scouting For Girls Take A Chance
Scouting for girls Blue As Your Eyes
Scouting for Girls The Airplane Song
Scouting for girls On The Radio
Scouting for Girls She's So Lovely (Acoustic)

Sea Wolf
Formed in 2003, LA, CA, US.

Alex Brown Church
Lisa Fendelander -keyboards
Joey Ficken -drums
Scott Leahy - electric guitar
Eliot Lorango -bass

Sea Wolf "Dear Fellow Traveler"
Sea Wolf Visions
Sea Wolf - Two Strangers
Sea Wolf Whirlpool
Sea Wolf Old World Romance
Sea Wolf Miracle Cure
Old Friend
Sea Wolf Changing Seasons

Formed in 2004, N.Kentucky / Cincinnati, US.

Aaron Morgan - Vocals / Keys
Ryan Morgan - Guitars / BGV's
Jason Gann - Bass / BGV's

We Can't Be Friends
Seabird Troubled Days
Seabird Stand Out
Pull You In 
Please, Please
Seabird Something Better Change
Seabird Palmetto Peach
Seabird Golden Skies
Seabird Find a Way
Seabird Extraordinary

Formed in 2009, Torrance, California, US.

Kyle Soto - Vocalist/Guitarist/Pianist
Cody Christian - Guitarist
Mike DeBartolo - Bass/Vocalist
Eric Findlay - Drums

Seahaven - Thank You
Seahaven Slow Down
Seahaven - "Goodnight"
Seahaven Save Me

Search The City
Formed in Detroit, MI, US.
2006–2009, 2011–2014.

James Czech - Guitar
Alex Sheldon - Guitar
Joe Marks - Bass
Chris Jenkins - Drums
Travis Bobier - Vocals

Search The City - Young Hearts
Search The City The Runaways
Syndicated Reality
Search The City One Last Lullaby
Search The City My Secrets Have Secrets Too
Search The City Light The Fire
Search The City A Beautiful Mess

Seasons Change

Formed in 2012, Pico Rivera, CA, US.

Anthony Robles - Vocals
Johnny Ozeta - Guitar / Vocals
Josh Orellana - Guitar / Vocals
Octavio Hernandez - Bass
Art Rubio - Drums

Seasons Change - Take Time
Seasons Change Valentine
Seasons Change The Reasons Why
Seasons Change Sick of It
Feel it

Secondhand Serenade

Formed in 2004, Menlo Park, CA, US.

John Vesely

Secondhand Serenade Undefeated
Secondhand Serenade Stay Close Don't Go
Secondhand Serenade Stay Away
Secondhand Serenade Shake It Off
The Right Kind of Crazy
Secondhand Serenade Price We Pay
Secondhand Serenade Pretend
Secondhand Serenade Maybe
Secondhand Serenade Let Me In
Secondhand Serenade Fly By
Secondhand Serenade Come Back To Me
Secondhand Serenade A Twist in My Story Secondhand Serenade You And I
Secondhand Serenade Why
Secondhand Serenade Take Me With You
Secondhand Serenade Reach For The Sky
Secondhand Serenade It's Not Over
Secondhand Serenade Awake

Send the Sages

Formed in 2009. LA, CA, US.

Dryden Mitchell
Jack Armenian
Roman Lomtadze
Michael McKinnon

Send the Sages - Winter
Send the Sages Lumens
Send the Sages Hardwood Floor
Send the Sages Beautiful Crazy

Senses Fail
Formed in 2002,  Ridgewood, NJ, US.

James "Buddy" Nielsen – lead vocals
Zack Roach – lead guitars, backing vocals(also plays guitar for band Spirit of the Stairs)
Matt Smith - guitars, backing vocals (also guitarist for Strike Anywhere)
Gavin Caswell – bass guitar (also bassist for The Black Pacific)
Chris Hornbrook – drums (also drummer for Big Black Delta and Poison the Well)

Senses Fail - The Fire
Senses Fail Take Refuge
Senses Fail Saint Anthony
Senses Fail Safe House
Senses Fail Landslide
Senses Fail Irish Eyes Senses Fail Holy Mountain
Senses Fail Hold On
Senses Fail - Yellow Angels
Senses Fail Surrender
Senses Fail - Map Out The Streets
Senses Fail Four Years
Senses Fail - Calling All Cars


Образовались в Москве, в 2009.

Max - guitars / vocals
Danny - drums

SEVEN7STEPS - Сердце зовёт


Formed in Jacksonville, FL - Memphis, TN - Los Angeles, CA - Charleston, SC, US, 2001.

Brent Smith – lead vocals
Zach Myers – lead guitar, backing vocals; bass, rhythm guitar
Eric Bass – bass, piano, backing vocals
Barry Kerch – drums, percussion

Shinedown The Crow And The Butterfly
Shinedown If You Only Knew
Shinedown Sin With A Grin
Shinedown Second Chance
Shinedown I Own You 
Shinedown Cry For Help
Call Me


Образовались в 2000, Москва.

Калинин Кирилл (бас гитара, вокал)
Веселов Владимир (гитара)
Калайчев Николай (гитара)
Куренев Николай (барабаны)
Шалимов Максим (саксофон)
Максимов Влад (тромбон)
Выборнов Дмитрий (труба)

Будь собой
В поисках себя
Вечеринка для друзей
Искусство отдыхать
Оранжевое солнце

Sienna Skies
Formed in 2007,  Sydney, Australia .

Andrew Neufeld - guitar/vocals
Joel Neufeld - drums
Matt Howes - bass/vocals
Adrian Mottram - guitar
David Grabowski - keys

SIGHTS & SOUNDS - Subtle, Severe
Sights & Sounds 'Reconcile'
The Only Time - Sights & Sounds
Sights & Sounds The Furthest Truth
Sights & Sounds Storm & the Sun
Sights & Sounds Pedal Against the Wind
Sights & Sounds - Borderlines
Night Train
Sights & Sounds Neighbours

Formed in Brainerd, Minnesota, US.
From 1896 (first version), 2006 - alternative version.

Ryan Edberg - Vocalizer
Steve Adams  - El Guitaro
Nate  Langert- Slap-a-da-bass
C.C. (Topeka) Starnes - Drummer Boy

Silverline With The Angels
Silverline - Vicious
Silverline Something Better
Silverline Never Too Far Gone
Silverline Never Looking Back
Silverline Lights Out
Silverline Hold On
Silverline Founding You
Be Still 

Formed in Chicago, IL, US.
About 2013.

Dan Zemanek - Vocals/Guitar
Steve Zywica - Percussion
Phil Sylvester - Lead Guitar
Mike Sylvester - Bass/Vocals

Silverside - Someday
Silverside My Sorry Heart
Silverside Find Your Own Way Home
Silverside Disposable Love
Silverside - Other Side of Me
Silverside - Runaway
Silverside - Long Road Down 
Silverside - My Digital Drug

Formed in 2000, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Vocals: Shane Told
Drums: Paul Koehler
Bass: Bill Hamilton
Guitar: Paul Marc Rousseau
Guitar: Josh Bradford

Silverstein - Toronto
Silverstein - This Is How The Wind Shifts
Silverstein - Massachusetts
Silverstein With Second Chances
Silverstein This is How
Silverstein Stand Amid The Roar
Silverstein On Brave Mountains We Conquer
Silverstein In Silent Seas We Drown
Silverstein Hide Your Secrets
Silverstein Departures
Silverstein California
Silverstein A Better Place
Silverstein In a Place of Solace

Skytown Riot
Formed in 2010Nashville, Tennessee, US.

Van Gallik (lead vocals, guitar) 
 Jason Fruchey (bass, backing vocals) 
 Sebastian Dunkel (drums, percussion)

Skytown Riot - "In Dissolution"
Skytown Riot - "Thunda"
Skytown Riot "Dynamo"

"Soul or System"


Formed in 2007, Dallas, Texas, US.

Nick Box
Chris Pearson
Shaun Menary
 Jake Lester

Geoff Ashcraft

Sleeperstar - Wherever You Go
Sleeperstar - Texas Rain
Sleeperstar - Only Human

Sleeping with Sirens 

Formed in 2009, Orlando, Florida, US.

Kellin Quinn – lead vocals, keyboards
Gabe Barham – drums, percussion
Justin Hills – bass guitar, backing vocals
Jack Fowler – lead guitar, programming
Nick Martin – rhythm guitar, vocals
Touring member:
Alex Howard - rhythm guitar, keyboards

Sleeping With Sirens - With Ears to See and Eyes To Hear

Sleeping with Sirens The Strays

Sleeping with Sirens The Left Side of Everywhere
Sleeping with Sirens Save Me A Spark
Sleeping With Sirens - "Fly"

Sparks The Rescue
Formed in 2005, Portland, ME, US.

Alex Roy - Vocals, Guitar
Toby McAllister - Guitar, Vocals
Nate Spencer - Drums, Vocals
Matt "Peach" Petrin - Bass

Sparks The Rescue- Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With
Thought You Were The One
Postcard Of A Tidal Wave
Sparks the Rescue-My Heart Radio
The Gravity

Образовались в 2005, Санкт-Петербург, РФ.

Ardentis - вокал - вокал
Alex Pavlov - гитара
Dmitry Karmanov - гитара
Pavel Paukov - бас

Stardown - Angel
Stardown - Among the Stars
Stardown - Follow Your Line
Stardown - The Way
Stardown - Pray For Nothing
Stardown - ShinjitsuStardown - Hidden Lights
Stardown - Thanks
Stardown - Inside Us
STARDOWN - The Rain Of Millions Stars

Formed in 2010,  Albany, NY, US.

Derek DiScanio - lead vocals
Tyler Szalkowski - lead guitar backing vocals
Ryan Scott Graham - bass, backing vocals
Tony "Rival" Diaz - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Evan Ambrosio - drums

State Champs - “Simple Existence"
State Champs "Secrets"
State Champs "Losing Myself"
State Champs Remedy
State Champs Nothing's Wrong

Formed in 2010  everywhere.

Mindy White
Stephen Laurenson
Bryan Laurenson
Jonathan Bucklew
Dean Lorenz

States - Waiting For Too Long

States - Versus the Mirror
States Time to Begin

States The Night

States Brighter Lights

States All In My Head

Formed in 2003, St. Moritz,  Switzerland.

Andrea Aerni (Vocal)
Ugo Greco (Bass)
Daniel Neuhaus (Guitar)
Davide Cantoni (Drums)
Mathias Widmer (DJ)

Steeld - Trip of Your Lifetime
Steeld - Thoughts On Happiness
Steeld Stop Messin Around
Steeld Snowboardmoviescene 
Steeld Hardcore

Stick to Your Guns  
Formed in 2003, Orange Country, CA, US.

Jesse Barnett - Vocals
Chris Rawson - Guitar 
Josh James - Guitar 
Andrew Rose - Bass
George "Schmitty" Schmitz - Drums

Stick to Your Guns What Goes Around

Stick to Your Guns We Still Believe
Stick to Your Guns This Is More
Stick to Your Guns Life In A Box
Stick to Your Guns Empty Heads
Stick to Your Guns Driving Force
Stick to Your Guns Beyond The
Stick to Your Guns Amber

Stories Untold

Formed in  St. Clair, Michigan, 2013.

Kevin Quednau (Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals)
Jake Clark (Bass Guitar/Vocals)
Tim Williams (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Brennen Moloney (Drums)

Stories Untold - "Listen" 

Stories Untold - "Audite"

Stories Untold - "Too True to Be Good"

Stories Untold - "Dark Tones"

Stories Untold - "Skies Still Falling"

Stories Untold - "All Your Fault"

Stories Untold - "Refugee"

Stories Untold - "To Cast You Out"

Stories Untold - "Fleur De Lis"

Story Untold
Formed in   Laval, QC, Canada

Janick Thibault (Vocals/Songwriter)
Jessy Bergy (Lead guitar)
Mehdi Zidani (Drums)
Max Cloutier (Rhythm guitar)
Aiden Von Rose (Bass)


Story Untold - Another Night

Story Untold - If I Had One Dollar

Sublime With Rom
Formed in 2009,  Long Beach, CA, US.

Eric Wilson (Bass)
Rome (Vocals/Guitar)
Josh Freese (Drums)  

Sublime With Rome - Best Of Me
Sublime with Rome "Take It Or Leave It" 
Sublime with Rome Run and Hide
Sublime With Rome - Only
Sublime With Rome - Lovers Rock



Санкт-Петербург, РФ.

Вячеслав Соколов (вокал)
Илья Кухин (гитара) 
Миша Койч (барабанщик)

Such A Beautiful Day Живешь только дважды
Such A Beautiful Day Я Буду Противоречить Всему, Что Вы Скажете
Such A Beautiful Day Стирая в памяти
Such A Beautiful Day Новый Мир
Such A Beautiful Day - Navsegda

Formed in 2009, Rochester, NY, US.

 Ben Kotin
Nate Derby
Jon Markson
Matt Covey

Such Gold - Two Year Plan
Such Gold You Always Know What's Best
Such Gold What's Left Of You
Such Gold The Greatest Comeback Of All Time

Сформировались в 2015 в Москве.

Максим Самосват - вокал
Владимир Насонов – вокал, гитара, бас
Тимофей Щербаков - гитара
Антон Смольянин – барабаны
Артур Булатов - гитара

Образовались в 2010 в Минске, Беларусь.

Аня Хитрик – вокал
Юля Глушицкая – виолончель
Андрей Сапоненко – ударные
Паша Чимбаевич – бас-гитара
Егор Дзыгун – гитара

Formed in 2002,  Helsinki, Finland.

Samu Haber (Vocals, Guitars)
Sami Osala (Drums)
Riku Rajamaa (Guitars, BV)
Raul Ruutu (Bass, BV)
Osmo Ikonen (Keys, BV, Stuff)

Sunrise Avenue: The Whole Story
Sunrise Avenue Sunny Day
Sunrise Avenue Something Sweet
Sunrise Avenue - Only
Sunrise Avenue - Welcome To My Life
Sunrise Avenue - Fairytale Gone Bad
Sunrise Avenue - Forever Yours
Sunrise Avenue - Diamonds
Sunrise Avenue - Into the Blue
Sunrise Avenue Live & unplugged - 6:0
Sunrise Avenue - Make It Go Away
Sunrise Avenue - It Aint the Way
Sunrise Avenue What I Like About You
Sunrise Avenue - Choose To Be Me
Sunrise Avenue Angels On A Rampage

Sunset Sons

From UK,  Australia,  France.
Formed in 2013.

  • Rory Williams (Lead Vocals, Keys)
  • Jed Laidlaw (Drums)
  • Robin Windram (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
  • Pete Harper (Bass)

September Song
Sunset Sons - On The Road
Lost Company
Sunset Sons Know My Name
Sunset Sons Bring The Bright Lights

Образовались в 2007, Харьков, Украина.

Sergey Balalayev-drums,cajon,percussion
Roman Kucherenko-bass,acoustic guitar
Sergey Klevenskiy - winds
Tosia Tchaikina-back vocal

SunSay Океана
SunSay Мы Не Одни
SunSay Домой
SunSay So Long
SunSay & John Forté - Wind Song
SunSay Сейчас и Здесь
SunSay Наяву
SunSay Миг
SunSay Легко
SunSay В твоих глазах сияю я

The Script
Formed in 2001, Dublin, Ireland.

Danny O'Donoghue – lead vocals, keyboard, guitar
Mark Sheehan – lead guitar, vocals
Glen Power – drums, backing vocals

Long Gone And Moved On
 The Script - Walk Away
The Script - For The First Time
The Script - Exit Wounds
The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
The Script - Talk You Down
The Script - I'm Yours
The Script Six Degrees of Separation
The Script - Without Those Songs
The Script - The Energy Never Dies
The Script - Hall Of Fame
The Script - Superheroes
The Script No Words
The Script - Never Seen Anything ''Quite Like You''
The Script Millionaires
The Script - Army of Angels

Static Jacks
Formed in 2007, Westfield, New Jersey, US.

Henry Kaye
Ian Devaney
Nick Brennan
Michael Sue-Poi

Static Jacks - People Don't Forget 
The Static Jacks - Walls (We Can't Work it Out)
The Static Jacks - "Into The Sun"
Static Jacks - Wallflowers
The Static Jacks - "My Parents Lied"
The Static Jacks - "Parties And Friends (And Bullshit)"
Static Jacks - I'll Come Back
The Static Jacks - "Mercy, Hallelujah"
The Static Jacks - Who Are The Replacements?
Static Jacks - Decoder Ring
Static Jacks - Home Again
Static Jacks - Greensleeves
The Static Jacks - It's Such A Shame

The Story So Far
Formed in 2007, Walnut Creek, CA, US.

Kelen Capener-Bass
Ryan Torf-Drums
William Levy-Guitar
Parker Cannon-Vocals
Kevin Geyer-Guitar/Vocals

The Story So Far "Stalemate"
The Story So Far Solo
The Story So Far Smile
The Story So Far Phantom
The Story So Far "How You Are"
The Story So Far - Rally Cap
The Story So Far - States And Minds
The Story So Far - 680 South
The Story So Far - Small Talk
The Story So Far - Empty Space

The Sunshine Underground
Formed in 2000, Leeds, Telford, Shrewsbury, UK.

Craig Wellington
Stuart Jones
Matthew Gwilt

The Sunshine Underground - Spell It Out
The Sunshine Underground Commercial Breakdown
The Sunshine Underground Everything, Right Now (Sound Of Sirens)
The Sunshine Underground Any Minute Now

Образовались в 2011, Киев, Украина.

Саша Таб – вокалист
Ванёк Клименко– автор песен и речитатив
Сыр Сорока - битмейкер и аранжировщик

Сальто назад - Рыба
Сальто Назад - Кто Здесь
Сальто Назад "По городам"
Сальто назад - ТурДом
Сальто Назад, Коля Маню - Пусть гремят барабаны
Сальто Назад - Дом

Образовались в 2002, Иваново, Россия.

Евгений Медведкин - вокал
"Киса" Авдеев - бас-гитара, бэк-вокал
Денис Куляскин - перкуссия, бэк-вокал
Андрей "Куzя" Кузьмин - барабаны
Иван "Виталич" Сидоров - гитара
Денис Марков - тромбон, баян
Александр Панин - труба
Владимир Данилов - клавиши

Сканворд live Это про Вас

Ска'n'ворд  СНЕГ
Ска'n'ворд - Когда кончится лето
Ска'n'ворд Жаркий день
Ска'n'ворд Что за жизнь
Ска'n'ворд Любовь
Ска'n'ворд 5 января