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`00s `10s

The Wedding
Formed in  Fayetteville, Arkansas, US.

  • Cody Driggers - Bass, vocals
  • Trevor Sarver - Guitar 
  • Adam Thron - Guitar
  • Matt Jameson - Drums
  • Matt Shelton - Lead vocals

Formed in 2012, Austin, TX, US.

Dwight Baker
Patricia Lynn

Under The Skin
My Mind Is An Endless Sea
Let's Forget That I Was Ever Even Here 
Happiness Is Not A Place
t's a Longer Road to California Than I Thought
  The Heart It Beats the Thunder Rolls 
 Every Other Sunday Morning
Loyal Friend and Thoughtful Lover

The Word Alive
Formed in 2008, Phoenix, Arizona, US.

Telle Smith - Vocals
Tony Pizzuti - Guitar/Vocals
Zack Hansen - Guitar/Vocals

Daniel Shapiro (Bass)

The Word Alive You're All I See
The Word Alive Your Mirage
The Word Alive We Know Who You Are
The Word Alive The Runaway
The Word Alive Terminal
The Word Alive Live A Lie
The Word Alive Lighthouse
The Word Alive Life Cycles
The Word Alive Hidden Lakes
The Word Alive Glass Castle
The Word Alive Exit Strategy
The Word Alive Evolution
Dragon Spell
The Word Alive Astral Plane

Formed in Nashville, TN, US.

We Are Scientists
Formed in 2000, CA, US.

Keith Murray
Chris Cain

Formed in 2007, London, UK.

Formed in 2005,  Detroit, MI, US.

  • Joshua Moore – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Dave Stephens – unclean vocals, clean vocals,rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Lou Cotton – rhythm guitar
  • Andy Glass – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Kyle Pavone – clean vocals, keyboards, synthesizers

Aus   Basel, Schweiz, 2010.

Gesang, Gitarre
Flavian Graber
Stefan Schneider
Bruce Klöti
Michael Rückert
Fabian Langer
Matthias Rückert

Formed in 2007, San Diego, CA, US.

Jonathan Jones
Paul Wheatley

Formed in 2005BRADENTON. FL, US.

travis - vocals / guitar
hunter - guitar
charles - bass
danny - drums
coley - keys

Formed in 2010UK/USA/SE/FR.

Julie Biereye (chanteuse, accordéoniste)
• Mathias Fédou (bassiste)
• Eric Maunoury (batteur, percussionniste)
• Julien Omé (guitariste)

Formed in 2005, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dean Povinsky,
 Dwayne Christie,
 Chris Dawe, 
Nick Greaves

Lightning Tent

Formed in 2012, Sydney, Australia.

Vocals & Bass - Jayden Seeley
Guitar & Backing Vocals - Inigo Del Carmen
Guitar - Luke Rockets
Drums - Josh Brozzesi

Из Самары, Россия.
Образовались в 2012.

Александр - гитара
Кирилл - ударные, голос
Макс -бас, голос

Formed in 2008, Cedarville, OH, US.

Formed in 2010, LA, CA, US.

Brett Scallions- Vocal, Guitar & Bass
Sean Danielson- Vocals & Guitar
Ken Schalk- Drums
Eddie Wohl- Keys and Synth

All You Know