#6'10 - The Humble Beginnings of a Rovin' Soul Dec 09 2014

"We built our home of glass next to a gravel road
Just to show the strength we were made of
our past a different time we sold, only till it came between us
hear the rumble the crumble, the crash of dreams
man I hope the grass was greener
O this life is just not what it seems,
but for grace these times would be meaner

I found the grace of the lonely road
I have found the peace of the lonely road

We walk alone!! Fighting the fragrance of pain
finding home!!! Just a backpack that calling my name

No freedom found in the mistakes that others have made
But by grace I remember the price was paid
forgiveness marks the start of this long long road
a daily fight of a creature with no legs of its own.
This experience has painted, painted a picture for me
kill my pride so that my blinded eyes can see
I'm not defines by the actions of another mans fear
only known by the heart of the son right here."
6`10 "Backpack"