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`00s, `10s

Aus Berlin, Deutschland, 2002.

 Fichte - Gesang
Arni - Gitarre
Olli - Bass
Anfy - Drums

Flüstern, Rufen, Schreien 
Wir Stehen im Regen
Kein Anschluss unter dieser Nummer

Radio Moscow
Formed in 2003.
From: (first version - Story City, Iowa, US;
           second version - The Land of 1000 Dances).

Parker Griggs - Guitar/Vocals/Drums
Anthony Meier - Bass
Paul Marrone - Drums

The Escape
Open Your Eyes
Deep Blue Sea
Radio Moscow Whatever Happened
Radio Moscow I Just Don't Know
Radio Moscow Hold On Me
Radio Moscow City Lights
Radio Moscow Brain Cycles
Radio Moscow 250 Miles

Образовались в 2011.
Из Москвы, Россия.

 Иван(ЯН) Генов - вокал
Антон Громов - клавишные
Артём Гордеев - гитара
Юрий Тифой - бас-гитара
Андрей Парфёнов - ударные

RadioLIFE - Я 
RadioLIFE Ты и Я
RadioLIFE Состояние Оut
C чистого листа
Остаться собой
RadioLIFE - Прощание (А.С. Пушкин)

RadioLIFE Поезда

RadioLIFE Пепел-Слова
RadioLIFE Она одна
RadioLIFE Обратный Отсчёт
RadioLIFE Небо упало на землю
RadioLIFE Не верю никому
RadioLIFE Вечность в суетеЛюби Летай Пылай


Formed in 2011, Windsor, Canada.

Brian Daniel - Vocals/Guitar
Justin Bezaire - Vocals/Guitar
Drew Larsh - Drums/Triangle
Michael Davidson - Bass

Ravenscode - Your Words
Ravenscode Where Were You
Ravenscode Now & Then
Ravenscode My Escape
Ravenscode No Way Out
Ravenscode My Lies
Ravenscode Be the Same

Formed in 2002, London, UK.

Johnny Borrell
Gus Robertson
Joao de Mello

Wire To Wire
Somewhere Else
Golden Touch
 I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
In The Morning
Stumble And Fall
Los Angeles Waltz
Rock'n'Roll Lies
Rip It Up
hold on
back to start
Who Needs Love ?
Razorlight - Stinger
Razorlight - North London Trash
Hostage of love
Razorlight - To The Sea
Razorlight - Don't Go Back To Dalston

Real Friends
Formed in 2010, Tinley Park, Illinois, US.

Kyle Fasel- bass
Dave Knox- guitar
Dan Lambton- vocals
Brian Blake- drums
Eric Haines- guitar

Real Friends - Summer
Short Song
Real Friends - Spread Me All Over Illinois
Real Friends- Loose Ends
Real Friends - Cover You Up


Formed in 2004 Nashville, TN, US.

Michael Barnes lead vocals 
Randy Armstrong bass, piano, keyboard, backing vocals 
Anthony Armstrong  lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Red Yours Again
Red What You Keep Alive
Red The Moment We Come Alive
Red So Far Away
Red Shadow And Soul
Red- Run and Escape
Red Perfect Life
Red Part That's Holding On
Red If We Only
Red Hymn For The Missing (Guillotine Remix)
Red Hold Me Now
Red Glass House

Red Kite
Formed in 2011, London, UK.

daniel fisher
jo collis
jim dare
nicholas stevenson
paul glover
nick willes

Red Kite - Montreal
Red Kite - No Painter Of Note
Red Kite - Streetlights
red kite - dance with crow
The Gathering Storm

Red Kites
Formed in 2010, Guildford, UK.

Moteh Parrott - Vocals, Guitar
Liam Trevor - Guitar
Andrew Reeves - Drums, Vocals
JJ Fernandez - Bass
Jan Cees Samson - Keys, Vocals

RED KITES - Beat In Time
Red Kites - Salt Water
Red Kites - Cast Away 
Red Kites - Granite City Sunshine

Redlight King
Formed in 2011, Hamilton, ON, US.

Kaz (Mark Kasprzyk)

Redlight King Redemption
Redlight King Past The Gates
Redlight King Comeback
 Redlight King Born To Rise
Redlight King Drivin To Kalifornia
Redlight King Built To Last

Rend Collective
Formed in 2002, Bangor, Ireland.

Patrick Thompson,
Gareth Gilkeson,
Chris Llewellyn,
Ali Gilkeson,
Stephen Mitchell,
Gabriella Llewellyn,
Tom Hester,
Tyler Santangelo,
Will Herron,
Glenn Woodward,
Andrew Parkes,
Beth Croft,
David Crowder,
Michael Walters,
Bobby Russell

Rend Collective Experiment Praise Like Fireworks
Rend Collective Experiment Come On My Soul
Rend Collective - You Will Never Run
Rend Collective The Artist
Rend Collective- Joy of the Lord
Rend Collective- Free as a Bird
Rend Collective Experiment Build Your Kingdom Here
Rend Collective Experiment Shining Star
Rend Collective Experiment Keep Me Near
Rend Collective Experiment Desert Soul
Rend Collective Experiment True Intimacy


Formed in 2013, Baltimore, MD, US.


Le Début

Formed in 2009, Long Beach, Southern California, US.

Jay Buchanan (vocals)
Scott Holiday (guitar)
Michael Miley (drums)
Dave Beste (bass)

Face of Light
Open My Eyes

Keep On Swinging
Where I've been
Black Coffee
My Nature
Rich and the Poor
Rival Sons Save Me
On My Way

Rookie of the Year
Formed in 2005,  Raleigh, NC, US.

 Ryan Dunson : vocals / acoustic and sounds

Rookie of the Year - Raleigh
Rookie of the Year Colors of Summer
Rookie of the Year Everything
Rookie of the Year ...Light Years Away

Run Kid Run
Formed in 2006, St. Louis, MO / Nashville, TN, US.

David Josiah Curtis - Vocals, Guitar
Neil Endicott - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Stewart - Bass
Matt Jackson - Drums

Run kid run - the modern march
Run Kid Run Someway Somehow
Run Kid Run One in a Million
Run Kid Run - White Noise
Run Kid Run We've Only Just Begun
Run Kid Run Wake Up, Get Up
Run Kid Run This Day of Change
The Emergency
Run Kid Run - Daylight
Run Kid Run The Call Out
Run Kid Run Sunburns
Run Kid Run "My Sweet Escape" 
Run Kid Run Sing to me
Run Kid Run Promise
Run Kid Run Miles and States
Run Kid Run Love at the Core
Run Kid Run I'll Forever Sing
Run Kid Run - Farewell Old Self
Run Kid Run Fall into the Light
Run Kid Run Daylight
Run Kid Run Captives Come Home
Run Kid Run Back To The Basics
Move on

Образовались в  г.Бронницы , Московская обл., Россия, в 2013.

Кирилл Rusted Борисов — тексты, голос, гитара
Сергей Вобликов — бас
Иван Панфилов — барабаны
Родион Миносянц - гитара

 Rusted - 324 
Rusted - Никогда
Rusted - Комедия или Мелодрама
Буквы и числа
Rusted - Есть Что и с Кем Вспомнить

Formed in 2003, Middleburg, FL, US.

Ronnie Winter
Randy Winter
Joey Westwood
Josh Burke
John Espy

Dive Too Deep
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus California
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Who Do You Work For
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus The Right Direction
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus The Crazy Ones
Don't Lose Hope
The Lonely Road
Angel In Disguise
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Am I The Enemy
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Wake Me Up
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Other Side
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Salvation
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Not My Style
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus It Was You
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Ignorance Is Bliss
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus JIMRS (Star)
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus I Know, Right
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Dreams
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Chariot
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Cards
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 21 and Up

The Rifles
Formed in 2004, London, UK.

Joel Stoker
Lucas Crowther
Robert Pyne
Grant Marsh

The Rifles  “Great Escape”
The Rifles - For The Meantime
The Rifles - Hometown Blues
THE RIFLES "Winter Calls"
The Rifles You Win Some
The Rifles Under and Over
The Rifles The Hardest Place to Find Me
The Rifles Shoot from the Lip
The Rifles Go Lucky
The Rifles Eclectic Eccentric
The Rifles Catch Her in the Rye
The Rifles All I Need
The Rifles - Down South
The Rifles - Darling Girl
The Rifles - Peace and Quiet
The Rifles - She's the only one
the rifles - rock the boat
the rifles, i could never lie
The Rifles-Long Walk Back

The Riots
(ex-White Trainers Community) from Permian,  Russia.

Образовались в Москве, Россия, в 2009.
Formed in Moscow, Russia, 2009.

Sasha Bolotov — vocals, guitar
Alex Shanin — vocals, drums
Kirill Usachev - vocals, bass

Саша Болотов вокал, гитара

Александр Шанин - ударные, вокал

Кирилл Усачёв - басс, вокал

The Riots Time For Truth
The RIOT There's One Thing You Can't Hi
The Riots - Sulphate
The Riots-Dance on your problems
The Riots - Tomorrow
The Riots One Step
The Riots - Out Of Control
The Riots - It's My Life

The Run Around
Formed in 2006, Chicago, IL, US.

Jason Fein - Vocals
Stretch Enders - Bass/Vocals
Fabian Falcon - Guitar/Vocals
Craig Miller - Guitar
Charlie Thornton - Drums

***Jeremy Kitt***

The Run Around - A Voice
 The Run Around- "Chicago"
The Run Around - American Dream