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From Celje, Slovenia.

Formed in 2005.

Marko Duplisak - Lead vocals
Uros Borsic - Guitar
Jure Gorjanc - Guitar
Tomi Senveter - Bass guitar
Saso Corso - Drums

LastDayHere - Fly Away

LastDayHere - Hope Never Dies

LastDayHere - This Time

LastDayHere - Hide

LastDayHere - Saved From Falling

LastDayHere - Without You

Let It Happen
Formed about 2009.
From Cincinnati, OH, US.

Drew Brown- Vocals/Guitar
Sean Highley- Drums
Michael Vogel- Guitar
Nathan Joiner- Bass

Can't Close My Eyes
Let It Happen - Oh So Speechless

Let It Happen - Heavy Pages Are Harder To Turn

Let It Happen - Spent

 Losing Something
The Lonely One

Life On Repeat
From Maryland, US.

Vocals-Pat Purves
Guitar-Zach King
Guitar-Andrew Baylis
Bass-Devon Voisine
Drums-David Walker

Life On Repeat "Karma Calls" 
Life On Repeat - The Need, Not the Cause

Life On Repeat - The Message Is You Life On Repeat - Myself In Mirrors
Life On Repeat - Wide Awake
Life On Repeat - Sinking

Like A Storm

From Auckland, New Zealand.
Formed in 2005.

CHRIS BROOKS - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Didgeridoo, Keys/Programming
MATT BROOKS - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Keys/Programming
KENT BROOKS - Bass, Vocals, Keys/Programming

Like A Storm Never Surrender
Like A Storm Southern Skies
Like A Storm Six Feet Under
LIKE A STORM - Nothing Remains
Like A Storm Keep The Pain Alive
Like A Storm - Change Tomorrow
Like A Storm - Galaxy
Like A Storm - Just Save Me
Like A Storm "Love The Way You Hate Me"
Like A Storm Chemical Infatuation

Like Pacific
Formed about 2015,  Toronto, Ont , Canada.


Like Pacific Richmond
Like Pacific Distant
Like Pacific Chine Drive

Like The Stars
From Point Pleasant, New Jersey, US.

Formed in 2008.

AJ Hoenings - Vocals/Guitar
Justin Byron - Bass
Joey Trala - Drums

Like The Stars - The Love & The Lie
Like The Stars - Ready Set Go/Sabotage Is The New Black
Like The You Ate My DogStars - Better Off Believing
Like The Stars - A Thousand Miles
Like The Stars - It's All Downhill From Nineteen
Like The Stars - Hey Kyle, Thanks for the Heads Up
Like The Stars - Amber

Like Torches
ex You Ate My Dog

Formed in 2005, Stockholm, Schweden.

Jonathan Kärn - Vocals
 Daniel Kärn - Vocals & Guitar
 Zakarias Faleij - Bass
 Jimmy Brunkvist - Drums

Like Torches - Full Hearts

Like Torches - Snowfall Without You
Like Torches - Walking Home

Little Barrie

From Nottinghamshire, UK.
Formed in 2000.

Barrie Cadogan (vocals, guitar)
Lewis Wharton (bass, vocals)
Virgil Howe (drums, vocals)

LITTLE BARRIE - why dont you do it
Little Barrie - Long Hair
Little Barrie - Living In And Out Of Place
Little Barrie - Please Tell Me
Little Barrie - Love You
Little Barrie Free Salute
Little Barrie : Cash In
Little Barrie- Thinking on the Mind
Little Barrie - Tip it Over
Little Barrie - Eyes were young
Little Barrie - Everything you want
Little Barrie - Bonneville Ride


Образовались в 2009, в Москве.

Мария Соколова — вокал
Виктор Кучер — гитара
Александр Ильчук — гитара
Андрей Травкин — бас-гитара
Александр Карпухин — барабаны

From Derby, Derbyshire, UK.

Steven Battelle – lead vocals, Guitar
Mark Gibson – drums, backing vocals
Alan Williamson – bass, backing vocals

Unleash the Sands of all Time
LostAlone - Creatures
LostAlone - G.U.I.L.T.Y

Образовались в 2010, Лутугино, ЛНР.

Ренат Гасанов - Вокал, Гитара
Кирилл Рябов - Гитара
Виталий Ставиский- Бас
Артур Ерёменко- Барабаны

Потерянные во времени




From Canton, Ohio, USA.
Formed in 2001.

Michael Shepard - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Jeremy M Gifford - Guitar, Piano
Thomas Bragg - Bass
James Freshwater - Drums

Blow Up A Rainbow
Happy Apple Poison
Lovedrug Pink Champagne
Lovedrug Hysteria

Lower Than Atlantis
From Watford, Hertfordshire, UK.
Formed in 2007.

Mike Duce lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist
Ben Sansom lead guitarist
Eddy Thrower drummer
Dec Hart bassist

Lower Than Atlantis - Yo Music Scene, What Happened?
Lower Than Atlantis - Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
Lower Than Atlantis - Mike Duces Symphony No 11 in D Minor
Lower Than Atlantis - High At Five
Lower Than Atlantis - Another Sad Song
Lower Than Atlantis - Something Better Came Along
Lower Than Atlantis - Ain't No Friend
Lower Than Atlantis - English Kids in America

Lower Than Atlantis - Here We Go

Lower Than Atlantis Working for the Man By Day, Stickin' It to the Man By Night
Lower Than Atlantis - (Motor) Way Of Life

 Lower Than Atlantis Taping Songs off the Radio
Lower Than Atlantis - Normally Strange
Lower Than Atlantis I Know A Song That Will Get On Your Nerves
Lower Than Atlantis Cool Kids

The Last Goodnight
From Enfield, Connecticut, US.

Leif Christensen (Bass guitar, vocals)
Kurtis John Henneberry (Vocals, piano)
Mike Nadeau (Guitar)
Ely Rise (Keyboards)
Anton Yurack (Guitar, vocals)
Max Hattem (Sitar)
Larone "Skeeter" McMillan (Drums, percussion)

The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You
If I talk to God-The Last Goodnight
This Is The Sound 
The last goodnight - In your arms
The Last Goodnight - "One Trust" 
The Last Goodnight - Stay Beautiful 
The Last Goodnight - Poison Kiss
The Last Goodnight- Back to where we belong

The Last Shadow Puppets
From Sheffield/The Wirral, UK.
Formed in 2007.

Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)  vocals, guitar, tambourine
Miles Kane  (ex-The Rascals) vocals, guitar
James Ford (Simian Mobile Disco, ex-Simian) drums, percussion, producer

Touring members:
Stephen Fretwell - bass guitar
John Ashton - keyboards, guitar

The Last Shadow Puppets - Wondrous Place

The Last Shadow Puppets Only the Truth
The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made For You
The Last Shadow Puppets - 'Standing Next to Me'
The Last Shadow Puppets Two Hearts In Two Weeks
The Last Shadow Puppets The Time Has Come Again
The Last Shadow Puppets The Age Of The Understatement
The Last Shadow Puppets Paris Summer

The Lighthouse and the Whaler
From Cleveland, Ohio, US.
Formed in 2008.

Michael LoPresti
Matthew LoPresti
Mark Porostosky
Ryan Walker

The Lighthouse and The Whaler - White Days
The Lighthouse and the Whaler Venice
The Lighthouse and the Whaler The Adriatic
The Lighthouse and the Whaler Little Vessels
The Lighthouse and the Whaler Chromatic

The Locos
From Madrid, Spain.
Formed in 2005.

Pipi - vocals
Niño - guitar
Tommy - bass
Ivan -drums
Luis Fran - trumpet
Fer - guitar
Zampa - saxophones

The Locos-Espacio Exterior

No Estas Sola

The Locos Contrato Limosna

Из Донбасса, ДНР.
Образовались в 2000.

Дмитрий Дубров - вокал/гитара
Андрей Трофимов - бас-гитара
Тим Талер - гитара
Михаил Ковалев - ударные

P.S. Тебе
ЛихоЛесье — Девушка с пьезой
ЛихоЛесье Ощущение-blues

Из Томска, РФ.

Анна Чагина – альт, голос
Евгений Водясов – голос, гитары
Игорь Новиков – электрогитара, голос

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