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From Hamburg, Germany.
Formed in 2004.

"The Lord" Marco Visconti
Daniel Meyer
Joe Meyer
Jörg Lütkemeier

Faderhead - Exit Ghost
Faderhead - Not A Robot
Faderhead feat. Ted Phelps - Do You Know Who I Think I Am?
Faderhead White Room
Faderhead - Taking Pain In Large Doses
Faderhead - Horizon Born

From Preston, UK.
Formed in 2000.

James Norris - Lead Vocals & Synth
Simon Humphries - Guitars
Matthew Cogley - Guitars & Lead Vocals
Andy Sprake - Bass guitar, Vocals, Keys
Rob Catlow - Drums

Failsafe - "Hope"
Failsafe - Only If We Learn
Failsafe - Fire At Will
Failsafe - Time Moves Closer
Failsafe - Routines
Failsafe- Cities and Headlights
Failsafe- Unity In Progress
Failsafe - Sleepwalkers

Fake Problems

From Naples, Florida, US.
Formed in 2005.

Chris Farren - Vocals and Guitar
Derek Perry - Bass
Sean Stevenson - Drums
Brian Blount - Guitar

Fake Problems / Sorry , Ok , Sorry, Ok
Fake Problems- Too Cold Too Hold
Fake Problems - My First Million
Fake Problems - Mr. Rock and Roll
Fake Problems - 5678
Fake Problems - Motion Of The Ocean
Fake Problems - "The Dream Team"
Fake Problems - Diamond Rings

Fall Out Boy
From Wilmette, Illinois, US.
2001-2009, 2013 -

Patrick Stump – lead vocals (2001–present), guitars (2003–present), piano (2007-present)
Pete Wentz – bass guitar, backing vocals (2001–present)
Joe Trohman – guitars, backing vocals (2001–present)
Andy Hurley – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2003–present)

Session and touring members:
Brandon Hamm – guitars (2001)

Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix
Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll
Fall Out Boy Young Volcanoes
Fall Out Boy Alone Together

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
Fall Out Boy - Thriller  and This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
Fall Out Boy - "Dance, Dance"
Fall Out Boy - Thnks fr th Mmrs
Fall Out Boy - What A Catch, Donnie
Fall Out Boy: Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy
Fall Out Boy - The Carpal Tunnel of Love
Fall Out Boy - Hum Hallelujah
Fall Out Boy - The (After) Life of the Party
Fall Out Boy .American Made

From Florida, US.
Formed in 2005.

Eric McNeely - lead vocals,  guitars
Chris Gustin -
Augusto Vega - bass
Kevin Schwarz -  drums

Fallbrooke - Losin' It

Falling in Reverse

From Las Vegas, Nevada, US.
Formed in 2005.

Ronnie Radke – lead vocals (2008–present)
Jacky Vincent – lead guitar, backing vocals (2008–present)
Derek Jones – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2010–present)
Ryan Seaman – drums, percussion, backing vocals (2011–present)
Max Green – bass guitar, backing vocals (2014–present)

Touring and session members:
Gilbert Catalano – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2008)
Anthony Avila – co-lead guitar, backing vocals (2008-2009)
Nick Rich – drums, percussion (2008–2009)
Oscar Garcia – drums, percussion (2009–2010)
Omar Espinosa – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2012) (guest performance)

Falling in Reverse - The westerner
Falling in Reverse Pick Up The Phone

Из г.Горловка, ДНР.
Образовались в 2007.

Иван Карабанов - вокал
Роман Ибрамхалилов - гитара
Bikerr Bikkerr - бас
Вячеслав Сидоров

FalStep - Иная Форма

FalStep - Гнев

FalStep - Блеф

From Haarlem, Netherlands, about 2014.

Steff - Vocals
TimQ - Guitars

Leo - Drums

FANTOSH - Walk Away

FANTOSH - Dirty Stars

Из Москвы.

Алексей Филинков  (фронтмен) 
Антон Ермаков  (бас гитарист)
Кузнецов Андрей (гитарист)
Снарский Сергей  (барабанщик)

FILLIN - Добрый вечер, мой город 
Fillin - Прямо Сюда

Fight The Fade
Formed in 2009, Tulsa, OK, US.

Finish Ticket
From San Francisco Bay Area, CA.
Formed in 2008.

Brendan Hoye - Vocals, Keys
Alex DiDonato - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Hoye - Bass
Gabe Stein - Drums
Nick Stein - Keys

Live with Crim Nguyen - Air Guitar

Finish Ticket In The Summer

Finish Ticket - Tranquilize Finish Ticket Catch You On My Way Out

From Milan, Italy.
Formed in 2002.

Pedro (Marco Pedretti) - lead vocals
Ka (Carmine Ruggiero) - guitar and vocals
Dani (Danilo Calvio) - drums and vocals
Ivan (Ivan Moro) - bass and vocals

"Day of Glory" - Finley
finley Un'altra Come Te
Finley - Fuori!

Finley - Il mondo che non c'è
Finley - Meglio Di Noi Non C'è Niente
Finley - Il Tempo Di Un Minuto

Finley - Adrenalina

From Brooklyn, US.
Formed in 2011.

 Leah Siegel

Firehorse - Wave

She's A River - Firehorse
Firehorse "Our Hearts"

From Denver, Colorado, US.
Formed in 2000.

Jamie "Jonny 5" Laurie – lead vocals
Stephen "Brer Rabbit" Brackett – lead vocals
Jesse Walker – bass guitar
Kenny "KennyO" Ortiz – drums
Mackenzie Gault – viola, vocals

Flobots - Rise

Flobots - White Flag Warrior

Flobots - Handlebars
Flobots "Panacea for the Poison"
Flobots - Stand Up
Flobots - Gonna Be Free
Flobots - Loneliness
Flobots - Occupy Earth

Flobots - On Loss And Having

Flobots Airplane Mode 
Flobots Superhero 


Из Москвы.

Образовались в 2011.

Дима Петренко- гитара, вокал
Дима Иевлев- гитара, тексты
Коля Маркевич- бас, борода
Герман Данилов- шестирукий многоног

fonkovra - В Двух Словах
fonkovra - Законы улиц
fonkovra - Супермаркет

fonkovra - Мой мир fonkovra - Пища для ума
fonkovra - Лифт

For The Fallen Dreams
From Lansing, Michigan, US.
Formed in 2003.

Chad Ruhlig – vocals (2006–2008, 2013–present), bass (2005) (Legend, ex-Ares Letum)
Jim Hocking – lead guitar, rhythm guitar (2003–present), backing vocals, clean vocals (2013–present)
Brandon Stastny – bass, backing vocals (2011–present) (ex-Thick As Blood)
Navid Naghdi – drums (2013–present) (Legend, ex-Abacabb)

For The Fallen Dreams Say What You Will
For the Fallen Dreams - The Big Empty

For The Fallen Dreams My Anthem-Like Symphony

Forever & Always

From Tallahassee, Florida, US.
Formed in 2008.

 Jake Long -  Vocals/Guitar

Dillon Jordan - Guitar/Synth
Rucker Sasser - Drums/Vocals
Nathan Johnson  Guitar

Forever & Always - Take Me Home
 Forever & Always - I Wish, I Wish 
Forever & Always - The Campfire Song

Forever Came Calling
From Twentynine Palms, CA, US.

Formed in 2006.

Joe Candelaria - Vocals/Guitar
John Swaba - Bass
Bryce Esquivel - Drums
Isaac Taylor - Guitar

Forever Came Calling "Mapping With a Sense of Direction"
Forever Came Calling "Ides"
Forever Came Calling The Office
Forever Came Calling I'll Be Better, I Promise
Forever Came Calling "Contender"
Forever Came Calling "Front Porch Sunrise"
Forever Came Calling If Bukowski Could See Me Now

Forever the Sickest Kids

From Dallas, Texas, US.
Formed in 2006.

Jonathan Cook – vocals
Austin Bello – bass guitar, vocals
Caleb Turman – rhythm guitar, vocals
Kyle Burns – drums, percussion 

Forever The Sickest Kids Summer Song
Forever The Sickest Kids - Whoa Oh (Me vs Everyone)
Forever The Sickest Kids - Nice to Meet You

Forever The Sickest Kids Ritalin (Born In America)

Forever The Sickest Kids - Playing With Fire
Forever the Sickest Kids - Cross My Heart
Forever The Sickest Kids - Count on Me (For Nothing)
Forever The Sickest Kids - La La Lainey
Forever The Sickest Kids - My Friends Save Me

For The Win
Formed in 2010.
From San Diego, CA, US.

Kyle Christensen - Vocals
Steven Bustos - Guitar/Vocals
Lee Chambers - Guitar
Giovanni Suarez - Bass

For The Win - No Rest
For The Win - What You See Is What You Get
For The Win - More Than You Know
For The Win - One Too Many Times

Fossil Collective
(Vib Gyor since 2004)From Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.
From 2009.

David Fendick
Jonny Hooker
Sean Gannon
Antonio Mucedero
Christopher Quick

Fossil Collective - 'The Water'
Fossil Collective - Boy With Blackbird Kite

Fossil Collective - 'On and On'
Fossil Collective - 'Let It Go'
Fossil Collective - 'Guaratuba'
Fossil Collective - 'Without A Fight'
Church Bell

Four Year Strong
From  Worcester, Massachusetts, US.
Formed in 2001.

Dan O'Connor vocals,guitar
Alan Day vocals, guitar
Jake Massucco bass
Joe Weiss drums

Four Year Strong - Just Drive
Four Year Strong - Stuck in the Middle
Four Year Strong - This Summer Session
Four Year Strong - Your Song
Four Year Strong - One Time Too Many
Four Year Strong- Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope
Four Year Strong - Beatdown In The Key Of Happy
Four Year Strong- Prepare to be Digitally Manipulated
four year strong flannel is the color of my energy
Four Year Strong - Paul Revere's Midnight Ride
Four Year Strong- So Hot And You Sweat On It
Four Year Strong - Sparkle Motion
Gotta Get Out (Four Year Strong)
Four Year Strong - A Dolphin is Just a Shark with a Smile
Four Year Strong - Fly

Frank Turner
From Meonstoke, UK.
Since 2001.

Francis Edward Turner guitar, vocals, harmonica

Ben Lloyd - guitar, harmonica, mandolin
Tarrant Anderson - bass
Matt Nasir - piano, organ, guitar, backing vocals
Nigel Powell - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Touring members
Cahir O'Doherty - guitar, backing vocals (while Turner was rehabilitating a severe back injury, unable to play guitar on stage)
Dan Allen - guest guitarist, backing vocals (2013 European Tour)

Frank Turner - "We Shall Not Overcome"
Frank Turner Undeveloped Film
Frank Turner Time Machine
Frank Turner Plain Sailing Weather
Frank Turner - Reasons Not To Be An Idiot
Frank Turner - Recovery
Frank Turner - Polaroid Picture

Frequency 54
From Flint, Mi, US.
Formed in 2002.

Vocals-Justin Rose
Drums-Chris Castro
Guitar-Dan Quinn
Guitar-Kurt Stuart
Bass-Bryan Kelly

Frequency 54 - For Her

Frequency 54 - The Waltz
Frequency 54 - Staring At The Rain
Frequency 54 - Below
Frequency 54 - "Run Away"
Don't Throw Us Away - Frequency 54
Frequency 54 No Ties

From Ashes to New
Formed in 2013,  Lancaster, PA, US.

Matt Brandyberry (Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Programming)
Chris Musser (Vocals)
Branden "Boo" Kreider (Guitar/Vocals)
Tim D'onofrio (Drums)

From Ashes to New - Through It All
From Ashes to New Stay This Way
From Ashes to New Shadows
From Ashes To New - Every Second
From Ashes To New - Face The Day

Front Porch Step
From Newark, OH.
Start - 2012.

Jake Mcelfresh

Front Porch Step "Drown"
Front Porch Step "I Won't Say That I'm Ok"

Front Porch Step "Run Away"
Front Porch Step "Lullaby"
Front Porch Step "The Day You Took The Good Away"

The Flatliners

Formed in 2002, Toronto, Canada.

Scott Brigham - Guitar + Vocals
Chris Cresswell - Vocals + Guitar
Jon Darbey - Bass + Vocals
Paul Ramirez - Drums

Sympathy Vote

Human Party Trick

Infinite Wisdom

The Fratellis 
From Glasgow, Scotland.
2005–2009, 2012–

Jon Fratelli - lead vocals, guitar, piano
Barry Fratelli - bass guitar
Mince Fratelli - drums and percussion, banjo, backing vocals
Touring Member:
Will Foster - keyboards, piano 

The Fratellis - Z Movie Saga
The Fratellis Look Out Sunshine!
The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger
The Fratellis Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes
The Fratellis - Whistle for the Choir
The Fratellis - Babydoll
The Fratellis - Milk and Money
The Fratellis - My Friend John
The Fratellis For The Girl

 The Fray 
From Denver, Colorado, U.S.
Formed in 2002.

Joe King – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Isaac Slade – lead vocals, piano
Dave Welsh – lead guitar
Ben Wysocki – drums
Touring member:
Jeremy McCoy – bass guitar, backing vocals 

The Fray - Wherever This Goes
The Fray Shadow And A Dancer
The Fray- Keep On Wanting

The Fray - Say When

The Fray - Enough For Now
The Fray - How To Save A Life

Из Москвы.
Образовались в 2002.

Лузганов Андрей - голос , тексты, музыка
Дворжецкий Константин - басс
Амосов Стас гитараДмитрий Данилушкин ударные
Гусев Виктор – труба

Фактория - Весна
Фактория Подкассетник
Фактория Зимняя