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`00s, `10s

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Formed in 2009.

From Seattle, Washington, US.

Ben Haggerty (Macklemore)

Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thin Line
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Starting Over

From Charleston, South Carolina, US.

Scott Gould – lead vocals
Alan Price – lead guitar
Matt Reindollar – drums
Kenny Varner – bass guitar

Sex Ain't Love
Madam Adam - Forgotten
Madam Adam - Secrets
Madam Adam "Best Shot at A Love Song"
Madam Adam - The Art of Lying
Madam Adam - San Francisco


 Aus Prießeck, Wendland, Deutschland.
Gründung  2004.

Johannes Madsen Gitarre, Gesang

Sebastian Madsen Gesang, Gitarre

Sascha Madsen Schlagzeug, Gesang

Niko Maurer Bass

Lisa Nicklisch   Gesang, Keyboard

Madsen - Wohin
Madsen Wenn der Regen
Madsen Vollidiot
Madsen Verschwende Dich nicht
Madsen Unzerbrechlich
Madsen Unsichtbar
Madsen feat. Lisa Who - So cool bist du nicht
Madsen Piraten
Madsen - Nimm den Regen mit
Madsen Nachtbaden
Madsen Mein Therapeut und ich
 Madsen - Lass es raus
Madsen Good Bye Logik
Madsen Euphorie
Madsen Die Perfektion
Madsen Der Moment
Madsen - Astronaut

From Virginia Beach, VA, US.
2001-2011, 2013-

Dave Elkins - Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Marshall - Drums
Zach Gehring - Guitar
Mark Padgett - Bass
Rob Sweitzer - Keyboards

Mae - Release Me
Mae Reflections
Mae Last Transmission II
Mae In Pieces
Mae I Just Needed You To Know
Mae - Sleep Well
Mae Waiting
Mae The Fisherman's Song (We All Need Love)
Mae The Everglow
Mae Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone
Mae Skyline Drive
Mae Night-Day
Mae Falling Into You
Mae - My Favorite Dream

Make Do And Mend
From  West Hartford, Connecticut, US.
Formed in 2006.

James Carroll - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Mike O'Toole - lead guitar
Luke Schwartz - bass guitar, backing vocals
Matt Carroll - drums

Make Do And Mend - No Words
Make Do and Mend For a Dreamer
Make Do and Mend Winter Wasteland
Make Do and Mend The Line
Make Do and Mend-Unknowingly Strong

Making April

From Verplanck, New York, US.

Sean Scanlon: Lead vocalist, piano, guitar
Gregory Federspiel: Bass guitar
Steven McCaffrey: Lead guitar, backing vocals
Bryan McGrath: Drums
Adam Richman: Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Brendon Thomas: Rhythm guitar

Making April Safe But Sorry
Brighter Bright
Wide Awake
Don't Go
Stay The Night
Let It Ride Making April - Sweet Dreams 
Making April Roses And Butterflies
Making April - Jump In
Making April - All Of Yours
Making April Runaway World
Making April - Driveway

Making April - I Wrote This Song



Из Санкт-Петербурга, Россия.

Антон Малинен - укулейка, вокал.

Malinen - Up
Malinen - What if
MALINEN - Where We Are
Cornflower Sea
Changing Stations
Pray the Lord

Mallory Knox

Formed in 2009, Cambridge, UK.

Mikey Chapman – lead vocals
Sam Douglas – vocals, bass guitar
James Gillett – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joe Savins – lead guitar, backing vocals
Dave Rawling – drums

Mallory Knox - Better Off Without You



Keeping Secrets

Falling in Love
Man Overboard
From  Mt. Laurel/Williamstown/Mullica Hill, New Jersey, US.
Formed in 2008.

Zac Eisenstein — lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
Nik Bruzzese — lead vocals, bass guitar
Wayne Wildrick — lead guitar
Justin Collier — rhythm guitar (2010–present), drums
Joe Talarico — drums

Man Overboard - Wide Awake

Man Overboard Where I Left You
Man Overboard - How To Hide Your Feelings
Man Overboard - I Like You
Man Overboard - World Favorite
Man Overboard - Picture Perfect
Man Overboard - Not The First
Man Overboard - Rare
Man Overboard - Secret Pain
Man Overboard - White Lies

Man Overboard Boy Without Batteries

Man Overboard Arlington Drive
Man Overboard - While You Were Sleeping

From   Pickering, Ontario, Canada.
Start - 2000.

Chris Greenwood

Manafest - Come Alive
Manafest - Love Wide Open
Manafest - Light

Manafest Diamonds
Manafest - No Plan B

Manafest Impossible
Manafest - Human
Manafest - Throw It Away
Manafest My Way

Manafest "Where Are You"

Live On - Manafest
Manafest - Overboard
Manafest - Every Time You Run
Manafest - So Beautiful

Из Хабаровска, РФ.
Образовались ок.2009.

Саша Черненко - вокал, гитара
 Дмитрий Туманов - гитара
 Марк Усов - бас
Женя Рукомойников - барабаны

Скотт Пилигримм
MAREO - Последний Париж

mat!Э band
Из Ростова-на-Дону, РФ.
Образовались в 2011.

Макс Матэ (Кузнецов) - вокал
Петя Убик (Шатилов) - гитара, гавайская гитара

mat!Э band "Мантра
mat!Э band - "С нами Джа!" 
mat!Э band - Разговор с самим собой
mat!Э band "Дельфин"
Mat!Э - Выбирай дороги сам
Mat!Э - Такое чувство
mat!Э band "Странный мотив"

 Matthew Mayfield  

Influence: October. Current predicaments.
ex Moses Mayfield
From Birmingham, AL, US, 2008.

Matthew Mayfield

Matthew Mayfield Better Off Forgiven
Matthew Mayfield Mess of a Man

Matt Kanelos
Formed about 2007.
From Brooklyn, NY, US.

matt kanelos

Sunset Song

Elephant Song

The Peacock Dance

When You Walk It Makes No Sound

River song

Matt Skiba and the Sekrets
From Los Angeles, CA, US.

Matt Skiba
Jarrod Alexander
Hunter Burgan

Haven't You?

Mayday Parade
From Tallahassee, FL, US.
Formed in 2005.

Derek Sanders – Lead vocals, piano
Alex Garcia – Lead guitar
Brooks Betts – Rhythm guitar
Jeremy Lenzo – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Jake Bundrick – Drums, percussion,  co-lead vocals 

Mayday Parade Take This to Heart
Mayday Parade Your Song
Three Cheers For Five Years
Hold Onto Me
 Mayday Parade When You See My Friends


From UK.

Formed in 2003.

Tom Fletcher: Lead vocals and guitar
Danny Jones: Lead vocals and guitar
Dougie Poynter: Bass and vocals
Harry Judd: Drums

Love Is On The Radio
McFly - The ballad of Paul K
Room on the 3rd floor
I wanna hold you
I'll be ok
All about you
McFly: Obviously
McFly: Corrupted
McFly Lonely
McFly Bubblewrap
McFly The Way You Make Me Feel
McFly - Walk In The Sun
McFly Hypnotised
Mcfly - The Heart Never Lies
McFly - Not Alone
McFLY - P.O.V.
McFly Broccoli
McFly Don't_Wake_Me_Up

Из Волгограда, Россия.
Образовались в 2005.

Женя - вокал
Койч - гитара, вокал
Миша On_shin - бас
David - ударные

Medusa'scream - Колёса и марки
Medusa'scream - Никто. Никогда.
Medusa'scream - Нет смерти. Нет Боли.
MEDUSA'SCREAM - zeroes and ones
Medusa Scream - Хотел остаться
medusa scream Дальше чем можно акустика
medusa scream-Весна
Medusa Scream - mes aiels
Россия 2018

From Denver, Colorado, US.

Patrick Meese
 Nathan Meese
 Mike Ayars

Meese - Next In Line

Meese - The Pulse of the Song

Meese - It's A Shame
Meese - In My Defense
Meese - R.I.P. Mr. McDonald
Meese - The Champion
Meese Broadcast

Formed in 2000.
From Orange County, CA, US.

Christopher Cron (vocals, keyboard, guitar)
Ricky Sans (guitar, vocals)
Ryan Malloy (bass, vocals)
Derek Lee Rock (drums)

Mêlée -  The World Keeps Turning
Mêlée Someday You'll Be A Story
Mêlée Wedding Dress
Mêlée On The Movie Screen
Melee - The Ballad Of You And I
Mêlée - Can't Hold On
Mêlée - Built To Last
Melee The Masquerade
Melee Towers
Rhythm of the Rain
Melee - Immortal

From Australia/US.

 Justin Stewart Cotta vocalist-keyboardist
 Space (Jason Smith)  guitarist
 Leighton "Lats" Kearns bassist
 Steve Clark   drummer

Figure 8

Memphis May Fire
From Dallas, Texas, US.
Formed in 2004.

Matty Mullins: Vocals 
Kellen McGregor: Lead Guitar
Jake Garland: Drums
Anthony Sepe: Guitar
Cory Elder: Bass 

Memphis May Fire Vessels

Memphis May Fire Prove Me Right
Miles Away
Memphis May Fire - Sleepwalking
Speak Now I'm Listening
Memphis May Fire - "North Atlantic vs. North Carolina"
History Of Mercia
Memphis May Fire - A Giant in A Giants World

From France.
About 2010.

Marion Gaume (Miss Sparrow, Mademoiselle Moineau).

MESPARROW "The Symphony"
Mesparrow - Danse avec moi feat Frànçois
Street kid

Из Твери, Россия.


Mezzamo - Город
Mezzamo - I Turn My Back On You
Mezzamo - Lullaby for a cosmonaut
Mezzamo - Lunatik
MEZZAMO - You and Me
Mezzamo - Without You
Everything you
MEZZAMO - Aloneluna

Midnight Juggernauts
From Melbourne, Afghanistan.
Formed in 2004.

A + V + D

Vincent Vendetta
Andrew Szekeres
Daniel Stricker

Midnight Juggernauts - Aurora
Midnight Juggernauts Dystopia

Mike Mains & The Branches
From Detroit, MI, US.
Formed in 2009.

Mike Mains
Shannon Mains
Nathan Wethy

Mike Mains & The Branches - Noises
In The Night
Calm Down, Everything Is Fine
By My Side


From Nashville, TN, US.
Formed in 2003.

Mike Grayson — lead singer, guitar
Nate Onstott — drums
Seth Penn — bass
Kyle Schonewill — lead guitar
Dustin Wise — keys

MIKESCHAIR - This Is Our Moment
Mikeschair The More
Mikeschair- Straight to Your Heart
Mikeschair Save Me Now
People Like Me
Mikeschair Let the Waters Rise
Mikeschair All For You

Miles Kane

Associated acts: The Little Flames, The Rascals, The Last Shadow Puppets, Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner, Eugene McGuinness, Paul Weller, Professor Green

From Birkenhead, Wirral, UK.
Since 2004.

Miles Peter Kane
Jay Sharrock – drums
Ben Parsons – keyboards
Phill Anderson – bass guitar
George Moran – rhythm guitar, vocals

Miles Kane You're Gonna Get It
Miles Kane Don't Forget Who You Are
Miles Kane - What Condition Am I In?
Miles Kane Out Of Control
Miles Kane Fire In My Heart

Misha Luzin Band

ex КедрыВыдры, "Касабланка" и "La Plage".
Из Санкт-Петербурга, Россия.
С 2000 года.

Михаил Лузин - песни, голос, гитара
Денис Кириллов - фортепиано, синтезатор, флейта
Дмитрий Турьев - бас-гитара
Олег Пожидаев - барабаны

Миша Лузин - Мира
Он и она
Здесь и сейчас
До весны 
Розовые обои
Самый лучший фильм на земле..
На 1 струне
мне б её ладонь


Associated acts:    Transit, Sleepsick, Long Lost, The Weeds, Off & On.

From Boston, MA / Walnut Creek, CA.
Formed in 2006.

Tim Landers (vocals/strings)
Brad Wiseman (vocals)

Misser - Stay Asleep
Misser Bridges
Misser - Weightless
Time Capsules

Missing In Maryland
From Huntington, West Virginia, US.
Since 2008.

JD Hampton - Vocals
Jason Boyle - Bass/Vocals
Zach Holley - Synth/Keys
Greg House - Drums
Thing 1 - Guitar
Thing 2 - Guitar

Missing In Maryland That's Going On Your Permanent Record
Missing in Maryland The Ballad Of Shady Clay
Missing in Maryland Diamonds Are Forever

From Seattle, WA, US.
Formed in 2007.

Jordan Thompson - Vocals
Michael Rapson - Guitar/Vox
Victor Olavarria - Drums
Benjamin Brockman - Bass/Vox
Chris Holbrook - Lead Guitar
Kevin Hanaford - Guitar/Vox

Moneta - Save Me From Myself
Get Yourself Right
Moneta Same Damn Town
Moneta I Hope You're Happy

Morning Parade
2007 - 2014.
From Harlow, Essex, UK.

Steve Sparrow (vocals/guitar)
Chad Thomas (guitar)
Phil Titus (bass)
Ben Giddings (keys)
Andy Hayes (drums)

Morning Parade Monday Morning
Morning Parade Shake The Cage
Morning Parade Seasick
Morning Parade Reality Dreams
Morning Parade Love Thy Neighbour
Morning Parade Culture Vulture
Morning Parade Under the Stars

Mumford & Sons
From London, UK, 2007.

Marcus Mumford – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums
Ben Lovett – vocals, keyboard, piano, accordion

Winston Marshall – vocals, banjo, electric guitar, dobro
Ted Dwane – vocals, acoustic bass, electric bass

Mumford & Sons Awake My Soul
Mumford & Sons The Cave
Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man

From  Sussex, UK.
2000–2008, 2012-

James "Noo" New – lead vocals, synthesisers, keyboards & guitar
Niall Buckler – bass, vocals
Oli Frost – guitar, vocals
Gareth "The Rock" Jennings – drums

Mumm-ra - Now Or Never
Mumm-ra - Out Of The Question
Mumm-ra - Technicolour
Mumm-ra - Jeremy
Mumm-ra - She's Got You High

Music From Another Room
From Pittsburgh, PA, US, 2006.

Steve Pearson - Vocals/Guitar
Alex Foht - Guitars/Vocals
Nate Hall - Bass/Vocals
Jon Robbins - Drums

Tell Me
Silence is Golden
Music From Another Room Keeping Time

Mutiny Within
From UK & New Jersey, US, 2002.

Chris Clancy - Vocals
Daniel Bage - Guitars
Brandon Jacobs - Guitars
Andrew Jacobs - Bass
Bill Fore - Drums

Mutiny Within - The Unsaid 
Mutiny Within - In My Veins
In A Moment

My Chemical Romance
From New Jersey, US.

Gerard Way – lead vocals
Ray Toro – lead guitar, backing vocals,  
rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mikey Way – bass guitar
Frank Iero – rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Touring and session members:
Jarrod Alexander – drums, percussion
Matt Cortez - Bass Guitar, rhythm guitar
John Miceli – drums, percussion
Jamie Muhoberac – keyboards
Dorian Crozier – drums, percussion
Michael Pedicone – Drums, percussion

My Chemical Romance - This Is How I Disappear
Famous Last Words
My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love You
My Chemical Romance - My Way Home Is Through You
My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

My Chemical Romance Burn Bright SING

My Ticket Home
From Columbus, Ohio, US, 2008.

Nick Giumenti - Bass/Vocals
Derek Blevins - Guitar/Vocals
Marshal Giumenti - Drums/Vocals
Matt Gallucci - Guitar/Vocals

 My Ticket Home- It's High Time For Low Morale
My Ticket Home The Dream Code
My Ticket Home In Regret
Head Change
You All Know Better Than Me
Keep Alone

Myka, Relocate
Pronounced: MY-(KAH) RELOCATE
From Houston, TX, US, 2010.

John Ritter-Vocals
Michael Swank- Vocals
Luke Burleigh - Bass
Austin Dore' - Guitar
Josh Peltier--Guitar
Aaron Robertson- Drums

Myka, Relocate - The Answer 
Myka, Relocate Something To Dream About

The Maine

From Tempe, AZ, US, 2007.

John O'Callaghan - Vocals
Garrett Nickelsen - Bass
Pat Kirch - Drums
Kennedy Brock - Guitar, Vocals
Jared Monaco - Guitar

I Want You
the maine while listening to rock and roll
th e maine when im at home
the maine hello world
The Maine Count 'em One, Two, Three
We All Roll Along Acoustic
The Maine - I Must Be Dreaming
The Maine, Into Your Arms

The Midway State
From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2007.

Nathan Ferraro (Vocals, Piano)

Daenen Bramberger (Drums)
Michael Wise (Guitar)
Mike Kirsh (Bass)

The Midway State - A Million Fireflies 
The Midway State No crying
The Midway State Change For You

The Motel Pines
Formed in 2012,  Dallas, TX, US.

Michael Carrasco, 
Mark Starling, 
Neri Hernandez 
Ben Gaither




Из Иркутска, Москвы.
Образовались в 2005.
Евгений Классен (Малбик)  солист
 Илья Драгунов гитарист
Алексей Лугманов
Андрей Шмелев, барабаны

Мирок - Знаю точно
Мирок- Газеты
Мирок- Схожу с ума
Мирок- Красное&Черное

Образовались во Владивостоке, РФ.

Из Москвы.
Образовались в 2007.

Фил Кружков — вокал, электрогитара, акустическая гитара, клавишные, укулеле;
Роман Яремчук — электрогитара, акустическая гитара, бэк-вокал;
Олег Цалер — бас-гитара, бэк-вокал;
Владислав Цалер — ударные, труба, бэк-вокал;
Петр Тихонов — клавишные, бэк-вокал;
Денис Шиликов — губная гармоника
Юрий Цалер — барабаны (эпизодическое участие на концертах и разных эфирах и записях)

Моды - Город
МОДЫ- На словах
Моды - Решки
Моды - Любовь